You are beautiful when you smile

  • I have money. What if I kidnap you and ask me for money? Even if I want five million, I have to give it. Lu Sicheng caught the man in his arms. "Who was that kid just now?" "Passers-by fans." Nursery rhyme said as if suddenly remembered something, hesitated to take her face from the man's arms, was about to step back, when the person she was holding seemed to guess her intention, reached out and pressed her head: "What did you say?" "Autograph, group photo, also want to play professional-" heard the person on the top of the head laughed, she patted him on the waist, laughter stopped, she continued, "but on the career path was my mother gank, aunt justifiably asked: if e-sports is a sport, why not the Olympic Games?" “…… Golf was only approved to join the Olympic Games this year. Can you say that it is not a regular sport? “……” "Read more books and read more newspapers." Lu Sicheng said in a tone of pity for the mentally retarded,dap diammonium phosphate, thought about it and then said, "But if you can change a few more people to throw themselves into your arms, I don't have any opinion. It's okay for you to continue to be mentally retarded." "What are you talking about? I was treated as a girl with Internet addiction." "You are a girl with Internet addiction." I don't mind. Lu Sicheng said that he lowered his head to look at the man in his arms, who was probably still afraid of being discovered, blushing and carefully buried in his arms-the man's eyes moved slightly and lowered his head, while the nursery rhyme raised its head and looked at him for two seconds. Lu Sicheng: "Let me ask you a question." Nursery rhyme: "What?" Lu Sicheng: "Is my probation over?" Nursery rhyme: "…" Three seconds of silence. The nursery rhyme pulls the man's clothes,calcium ammonium nitrate price, makes him bend down, and at the same time stands on tiptoe and drops a kiss on his lips. After a superficial kiss, her feet fell and she was about to retreat, and the man grabbed her and was trying to follow up the victory with a wave of pushing straight to the high ground. At that moment, the nursery rhyme suddenly felt the hand on his waist suddenly stopped. She looked up doubtfully at Lu Sicheng, then followed his silent gaze back. Then I saw people coming and going, holding plastic forks in their mouths, holding freshly soaked cup noodles in one hand, and looking at them with honey silence and facial paralysis. The author has something to say: Here comes the goose. Recently, the update is not very stable. At the end of the year, Magnesium Oxide powder ,calcium nitrate sol, all kinds of parties are coming. Don't give people a chance to resist. Send 200 red envelopes to make amends. Sorry for waiting for a long time. Chapter 106 At that moment, I understood why someone stole chessman's red buff and she was still alive and kicking in the world; At that moment, I understood why someone could command chessman, who was playing rank, to drop the game and stand up just to bring her a bottle of mineral water upstairs; At that moment, I understood why someone's cat had the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard, ate the fish that should not be eaten, and shamelessly rubbed against the leg of the owner of the fish and asked him to open a can for himself; At that moment, I understood why a car with at least seven figures turned into "Do you want it?"? For you ";"; At that moment, I understood why Lu Sicheng's salary was not fined for smoking in the past two months; At that moment, I understood why the action of sending a mineral water in less than three seconds could make Lu Sicheng grind in her room for thirty minutes. Xiaopang just came out to make noodles. But now God has let him break through all kinds of mysteries of the century without any psychological preparation. At this moment, the assistant of the China Telecom team is holding his face in one hand, and the content of the bullet screen flying over his mind is very rich, and the general types are as follows: [Grasping Grass Grasping Grass?!!] [I crossed.] [Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! They're together, excuse me?! These two? Match?!!!] [I'm getting burnt.] [But that's not the point. 】 No one told me that I was green-AD ran away with the middle road, leaving me an assistant: Why is the water in the lower river so green that the crabs are dyed green? Because the fat man washes his hair upstream. [Hot eyes.] 【…………………… Wait, what were they doing in the room yesterday? 【…………………… Wait, what did I interrupt by knocking on the door? 【…………………… Wait, what did the captain's crotch look like when he opened the door? 【…… Suddenly understood why he worked hard all night and the captain of the double row but encountered a wave of reverse points, this bastard has long been ready, he did not even use his own number ah!!!! Voz!!!] [Superman and chessman? Yes, this is a couple ID.] [Bastard.] [Bastard.] [Bastard.] Xiaopang took down the plastic fork in his mouth and opened his mouth to say "you"; after a pause, he probably felt that "silence is better than sound at this time", so he stuffed the plastic fork back again-and returned to the posture of holding the fork in his mouth at the beginning-he silently looked at Lu Sicheng and nursery rhyme, and then looked down to find that Lu Sicheng's hand was still on the waist of nursery rhyme. A little fat The nursery rhyme suffocated the red face, after the reaction came over, raised his hand in a panic desperately trying to take Lu Sicheng's hand away from his waist, but the man's hand was very firmly fixed in her waist, motionless appearance. When the nursery rhyme was in a hurry, he raised his head and mouthed to him, "You let go." Lu Sicheng saw that she was so anxious that her eyes were round and black, and she picked her lips and mouthed back, "I won't let go." The nursery rhyme rolled its eyes and almost fainted with anger. Until Xiao Pang cleared his throat. The two people in the pulling action, the action uniformly raised his head to look at Xiao Pang,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Xiao Pang changed the cup noodles into a hand, endured the impulse to throw the instant noodles at them like a grenade, thought about it and asked: "....." How long have you two been like this? "It's been a while." Lu Sicheng answered lightly. Whoo. It's been a while.. Have the wax gourd skin of Nima?.