The Secret Book of Male God

  • In fact, from the first day the original owner entered the guild, the members of the Dream Girls Group headed by Sugar Baby did not like her very much. If a boy is rich, he is called a big brother, and the girls will rub up against him. But the schoolgirl has the money in their eye is the alternative, but they suffer from the red eye disease like this! Luo Qingchen sat in front of the computer and looked at the characters in the game. This game is really familiar to her, although she has passed nearly 20 planes, but when she comes back again, there is always a special feeling of excitement. And this time, the profession she played also changed from the streamer that could be one dozen two to the wet nurse. To tell you the truth, she didn't like the job of wet nurse very much. After all, in general, the wet nurse is to add blood to the output, not to kill people. Looking at the game inside their own, a white wedding dress fashion,metal racking systems, are the top of the title shows: the sun male God, a pair of people. This is the title that two characters will have if they form a soul contract with each other in some games. I don't know why I feel sick when I see two more people! And at this time, the so-called'cute girl group 'in the guild spoke. Chapter 1960 of the main text, master, seek the upper position (5). [Guild] Cute Baby: Has anyone sent me flowers? [Cute Baby's Personal Space] [Guild] Sugar Baby: I want to spend too! ↖(^ω^)↗ [Guild] Brother Shenlong: You two are so popular, but you still want to spend money! This Dragon Brother is also a big brother in the game,medium duty racking, a single big brother, who has not found a contract yet. But in the impression, his voice is rough, so the three people in the'Dream Sister Group 'seem to look down on him a little. But if you don't like it, you still have to hold the big brother's thighs. After all, this kind of big brother without a contract is more likely to get a gift. [Guild] Fairy Baby: Didn't Brother Shenlong open a lot of gift boxes yesterday? Which little sister do you want to give it to? Luo Qingchen looked at the dialogue in the guild, and the corners of his mouth outlined a faint smile. It seems that the three sisters of this cute group have all appeared, and this fairy baby should be the most low-key one among them. But as long as there is something more on the body of any big brother, she will say in the guild: you see that so-and-so, there is a new fashion, industrial racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, it must be given by her. [Guild] Brother Shenlong: I just opened it casually. I have no contract to give it to anyone! [Guild] Fairy Baby: I saw you send rainbow roses yesterday! Is the fashion on her body sent by you? Looked at this'fairy baby 'said this sentence, Luo Qingchen cold hum, murmured: "dare this world only boys have money, can not have girls have money?"? [Guild] Duoduo: Funny! What you don't have represents what others don't have? [Guild] Fairy Baby: Little Sister Duoduo, don't get excited! I'm making fun of Shenlong! (=?Д?= ) [Guild] Duoduo: I can't stand it. Guild announcement: Duoduo quit the guild. Sitting in front of the computer, Luo Qingchen was stunned for a moment, and this scene seemed to have existed in the memory of the original owner. But at that time, the original owner was very decisive to stand on the side of the "sweet and lovely fairy" sister group. [Guild] Fairy Baby: I'll go! Do you want such a glass heart! Can't you afford to make a joke? [Guild] Sweetheart Baby: There are a lot of people like this. If they have some fighting power, they will show off there. She is not the first wet nurse in our guild! [Guild] Sun God: The first high battle wet nurse in the guild is my wife! [Qingxia's Personal Space] Tut-tut, is worthy of the'newlyweds', this time the sun male God or wholeheartedly want to get the trust of the original owner. After all, he knew better than anyone that the original owner was a rich man. [Guild] Fairy Baby: What's the use of high fighting power! It can be done on the thigh, and the key is whether the technique is good or not. This is called the lovely baby girl to speak really sarcastically, Luo Qingchen opened her personal space, 30W combat power! She clicked on her own space again, 50W combat power! Although they are all wet nurses, it is clear that they are not wet nurses of the same fighting power. Moreover, the manipulation is not in the same field! No, the system. Did you give me the nanny skill? [Oh! Sorry, the system just forgot!] [Ding-Due to the particularity of the online game plane, the host will get 50% of the Mammy skill.] ?! What does 50% mean? [Because this task is an A-level task, the host can only operate 50% of the skills!] What about 50%? [Self-taught!] Hehehehehe.. I have to say that their system is really getting more and more naughty! Chapter 1961 of the main text, master, seek the upper position (6). She can probably understand that the system said 50%, is based on the "oracle" of the game technique of the first wet nurse as a benchmark, she is now acquired skills, operations, and so on, are only half of her. But it is clear that when she has 50% of the skills to operate, she can obviously feel the touch immediately. The next second, she quickly typed the next line of words on the keyboard. [Guild] Qingxia: Planting the Flag? In this game, the flag stands for 1V1 single combat. So in the world of Luo Qingchen, don't BB if you can do it! Drawing a sword is the best way to solve all problems! The next second, and the YY channel of the war exploded. Three women's sharp voices with similar tones came from the small room of Mengmei Group. "Does she have a fight with you because she's so disabled?" "Yes!"! "Who doesn't know that she can't even beat a level 50 copy of a level 79 wet nurse? Why should she ask you to plant a flag?" "It's not because I hugged my thighs!"! The sun is also one of the best techniques in any case, and I don't know what happened to his head,metal racking systems, but he found a hand disability as a contract. Do you think I should answer it or not! Does she have no idea whether the disabled hand can beat me? "Answer it!"! I can't bear to see her so arrogant! In a shabby rented room, the lovely baby tried to pout: "Obviously I am much better than her, I don't know why the sun likes her!" 。