the sword were here

  • Before the other party slowly appeared in the doorway, I picked my fingertips and hid the throwing knife in my sleeve again. It was a thin young man with a black leather jacket, black leather trousers, black combat boots, and a thick black hair, which was disheveled. His eyes were full of anger that people would remember at a glance, as if there was an irrepressible hatred buried in his chest at any time. Let me introduce you two, Mr. Shen Nan, a famous doctor, and my brother Xiao Bei. Ye Xi especially emphasized the word "elder brother". In Xiao Bei's eyes, there was a sudden tremor after the injury. He was holding a three-edged military thorn in his hand, and the whole body was bright. This kind of weapon is born to kill the enemy and drink blood, and it is the most ferocious and fierce one of the weapons. Nice to meet you, Mr. Shen. General Xiao Bei stabbed into the black leather sheath around his waist, lifted the messy hair in front of his forehead, and spoke softly to Ye Xi, "Miss, Mr. Ye said that you had been out all day, and asked you to hurry back so that everyone would not worry." Under his leather coat, flat and smooth, no guns and weapons could be hidden. Usually, only Jianghu masters who are very confident about their cold weapons will completely get rid of their dependence on bullets. Ye Xi's almost dreamy narrative tone made me have a strong interest in the safe. Over the past two decades, European and American countries have been breaking the news of "Frankenstein", and many medical madmen have set up huge freezers in their homes to store private secret research results. Of course,rapid sand filters, those are all projects that are free from social ethics and morality. The most sensational ones are the "human-wolf incident" in Bavaria and the "human-faced tiger boy" in Florida, which caused panic among the people and has not completely subsided to this day. Scientific research can not be separated from the support of money, take Liang Ju, who has died mysteriously, for example, if there is enough money to promote, he is absolutely qualified to become a member of the "science geek". What about Ye Lihan? Which one does it belong to? The research directions of Chinese medicine and Western medicine are quite different, but the corresponding goals are the same. They both exist to alleviate human suffering. Therefore, I have a good understanding of the advanced developments in the field of medicine. Ye Lihan's current occupation is only a visiting professor in the Department of Astronomy of the University of Hong Kong Island, and it seems that he does not have the possibility of conducting medical research. How credible is Ye Xi's strange dream? Xiao Bei said coldly, "Xiaoxi, can you leave?" His attitude towards me was as cold as ice, disc air diffuser ,rotary vacuum disc filters, like a military assassination that could not be concealed. Ye Xi frowned and looked at the iron chain of the safe again. Suddenly he sighed softly: "Mr. Shen, there are more than ten thousand famous swords in the world. Is there a handle that can cut iron like mud like the Dragon Sword described by Mr. Jin Yong?" I met her eager and inquisitive eyes and shook my head calmly. "There is almost no possibility that a chain of this size will break with a knife." Disappointed, Ye Xi said, "Oh," and brushed his sleeve. "Forget it. Let's go." I don't want to disappoint her on purpose. I'm just being honest. Xiao Bei suddenly gave a heavy "hum" in his nostrils: "The world is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. You are just a doctor. Do you know what a peerless sword is? It's just a frog in a well. His sharp eyes stared straight through the scattered hair in front of his forehead, like a military thorn that had come out of its sheath. I smiled, not to argue, for him such a cynical overflowing Jianghu character, basically can not communicate well, and there is no need to be so demanding. The purpose of my visit tonight is just to find out the truth about the pregnant woman with "ten pulses". I have already met Alessa and clearly touched her wrist pulse. The main purpose is to achieve it. I absolutely don't want to create any more complications. The arrogant attitude of the other party did not cause any harm to me. Instead, it made Ye Xi a little unhappy: "Xiao Bei, Mr. Shen is my guest. Please be polite." With the entry of the third person, the Yin Qi in the Eight Diagrams Array seems to have been diluted a little. Even if I can't open the safe, I can feel that there must be something different in it. Of course, Ye Xi's nightmare has no factual basis and is not credible. The girl's heart is always too delicate and suspicious, all the opinions can only be for reference. "Mr. Shen, medicine and Jianghu are separated like a mountain. I don't think you've ever heard of the Japanese ronin Tazaburo Hata, who is known as the God of Weapons, have you?"? In the past 30 years, he has devoted himself to forging swords. In the past five years, his famous work "Killing at Dawn on a Fog Night", each handle is a precious sword that cuts iron like mud. It is easy to cut off these chains. Xiao Bei's chin was high, revealing a crescent red birthmark above his Adam's apple. Ye Xi rushed to reply: "After the casting of the three'Killing at Dawn on a Fog Night 'was completed, they were all sealed up by the Emperor in the secret room of the Imperial Palace. It is said in the world that they can cut iron like mud. Who can confirm this?" Xiao Bei dares to use military bayonets as weapons. He must have a lot of research on swords. The proposed Haneda Tazaburo is indeed a rare casting master after World War II, but he forgot one thing. When it comes to sword casting in the world, we should not forget the ten famous swords in ancient China at any time and on any occasion. In Situ Kai's collection, there is one of the ten famous swords, "Juque", which was once offered by an American tycoon for $500 million, but he refused without hesitation. If the sword were here, it would not be difficult to cut the chain, but Szeto Kai regarded the sword as more precious than his life. It is said that even the Chief Executive of the Special Administrative Region was politely refused to borrow it. I smiled. "You're right. I'm a doctor. I really don't know anything about Jianghu. It's time to leave." Up to now, the easiest way for ordinary people to answer questions is to call the police to the Western District Police Station. When the police come, whether it is the gossip array or the safe, it is all known to the world, and no one can hide it. The world knows that all roads lead to Rome, and it only depends on how people choose to do things. What exactly is in the safe? How could it release such a heavy Yin Qi? "When I opened the wooden door and walked out, I still hung my head and thought hard." Mr. Shen, I have a word,fine bubble diffuser, please listen carefully- "I slowly looked up and felt that his attitude towards me was simply unreasonable.". His hand pressed on the hilt of the sword, and the rough and disorderly eyebrow peak suddenly rose up, killing him.