Emperor Yongzheng

  • Wu Sidao looked approvingly at the haughty young governor. He set up his crutch and strolled through the room, frowning and meditating. For a moment, he suddenly turned around and said, "I'll give you two. Think about it. But if you don't agree, I won't say anything." Without even thinking about it, Li Wei said, "I promise!" "Well, a word from a gentleman!" Wu Sidao's eyes shone brightly. "You can't tell the emperor that it was my suggestion. The other is called'Fire consumption into the public '. You can say that it was our plan." "Cheng, you say!" "It is a method of equal taxation to share a man into an acre." Wu Sidao said with a smile, "The ancestral precept that the Holy Ancestor will never add taxes has been practiced for many years. Some people have more land than they have, and some owners have less land than they have. The poll tax has been abolished and spread out into the land.". In this way, the poor pay less or no taxes, and those who can afford to pay more. Because the annual income of the family has a stable amount-for example, you used to beg for food, but also pay a poll tax, is this fair? If you don't have any money, I can't do anything about it! When Li Wei heard this, his eyes lit up and he said, "I don't care. I should do this for the beggar. How can I return the fire to the public?" "Fire consumption belongs to the public in order to maintain a clean law, which is the administration of officials." Wu Sidao looked up at the ceiling and said, "As the saying goes, 'Three years as the prefect of the Qing Dynasty,Dissolved Gas Flotation, one hundred thousand snowflakes and silver.' Where does the silver come from?"? It's deducted from the fire consumption! Now this method, all prefectures, counties, prefectures and roads, are not allowed to keep private fire consumption, all handed over to the control of the magistrate. Grading of provincial vacancies If you give more money to the numerous and difficult prefectures and counties, and if you give less money to those who are simple and easy to govern, even the officials who are waiting for vacancies can get a little less profit. That's right,lamella clarifer, it's called'keeping honest silver '. If you take keeping honest silver, it's still not honest. How many such officials do you slaughter? Why worry about the lack of peace in the administration of officials? I calculated that with the implementation of these two methods, plus the integration of officials and gentry, the two provinces of Jiangnan and Zhejiang alone could add about three million silver to the national treasury every year, without harming the state system or the poor, and only corrupt officials and powerful gentry could be punished! Li Wei, what do you think? Li Wei pounded the table with joy and said with a smile, "Wonderful!"! In this way, I won't be so poor that I can't even afford to invite guests. That's what I'm going to do. I'll go back and find some teachers to think carefully according to this purpose and play to the emperor! As soon as he looked up and saw a family member coming in, Li Wei asked, "Did you find out?" "I found out." The family wiped their sweat with their sleeves and said, 'In this competition, Confucius from Gongyuan paraded with a memorial tablet, Nanjing Xuegong Yamen, and Xiao Lian in the examination. Tongsheng, a scholar in the city, MBR reactor ,wall penstocks, dressed up as Confucius, and three thousand disciples followed the memorial tablet around the street.' Li Wei tilted his head to think and said, "Tell Yin Zhongcheng that there is a Jade Emperor in the Nanjing Military and Political Department of the Governor's Office. Let's see who will give way to whom." Wu Sidao couldn't help asking in surprise, "What did you do?" Li Wei said with a smile, "Nian Gengyao returned triumphantly to the capital. The world is in great celebration. Here we want to compete with the gods.". You can go to Beijing after sightseeing. Wu Sidao laughed and said, "Do you want to use the Jade Emperor to oppress Confucius?"? It's going to be a big joke! The country only respected Confucianism, Confucius as the teacher of all ages, with the respect of the emperor, the late emperor saw Confucius card also had to kneel three times and kowtow nine times. Not to mention the Jade Emperor, even if you bring the Buddha and Sun Xingke out together, you have to give way to Confucius. Er Shanwen's heart is thorough, and he is open and aboveboard. He has the upper hand! "Niang Xi Fart, is there no one like Confucius?" "No." Wu Sidao shook his head slightly. Li Wei scratched his head and racked his brains to think about it. When Wu Sidao saw him thinking hard, he said with a smile, "You don't have to think about it. There is nothing bigger than Confucius. This is a hundred plays, not government affairs. What's the point of competing for the limelight?"? Forget it "You've seen it," said Li Wei. "It's Er Shan who wants to fight with me. I feel bad if I don't give him some color." With a bright eye, he pointed at his family and said, "Yes, you tell the signing room to make a banner of ten feet and two feet, with only four words written on it-Confucius's father-to see who will make way for whom?!" Wu Sidao could not help clapping and laughing, and said, "It is worthy of the name of'ghosts are difficult to deal with '!"! "Your father Confucius was called'Shu Liang He. 'He wrote these three words, and wherever Confucius met him, he had no choice but to bow three times to avoid the road." Chapter 34 The Yellow River is difficult to sail, the golden cicada in the swamp sheds its shell and returns to the capital. Yongzheng met Tian Wenjing on the river outside the city of Kaifeng, and that night he untied the cable to the east. He originally wanted to take a boat down the river, all the way to see the river defense in various places, to the junction of the Yellow River at the mouth of the Qingjiang River, and then to return to Beijing by the canal. But the imperial boat passed Lankao and could not go any more. In some places, the current was so fast that the dragon boat was so fast that it could not be anchored. In some places, it ran aground for half an hour. All the soldiers of the retinue guard used it to pull the fiber. They could not walk ten miles in a day. Zhang Tingyu called the people of the nearby river station to ask, only to know that from here to western Anhui three hundred miles, since the Yellow River burst in the 56th year of Kangxi, there has been no main channel! His surprise was no small matter, and he immediately ordered people to build a bridge board and go to Yongzheng's ship to see him. Heng Chen, is today's Di Bao and Zoushi Festival coming? Yongzheng sat cross-legged on a large wooden Kang with red lacquer in the inner cabin, holding a red pen in one hand and commenting on a memorial. Without raising his head, he said, "Don't salute, sit down, sit down!" Zhang Tingyu bowed in silence and sat down on the wooden plank under the cabin window. It was not until Yongzheng stopped writing that he said, "Your Majesty, I think it is no longer appropriate to look at the river workers. I would like to ask the emperor to abandon his boat and return to Beijing by land." When Yongzheng heard this, he looked up at Zhang Tingyu and said, "You don't look very well. What's wrong with you?"? Why did Laba suddenly think of taking the land route? Zhang Tingyu forced a smile and said, "It's nothing. I'm a little seasick.". The emperor's complexion is not good, and he should save his labor. Just now I summoned the people of the riverbank here to ask about it. The waterway ahead is extremely difficult to walk for hundreds of miles, and there are very few people along the coast,rapid sand filters, and supplies are not available. Counting the days, according to this way, I can't go back to Beijing in a month. The days have dragged on too long. 。 khnwatertreatment.com