The storage and installation knowledge of filter

  • fume purification integrated system The main reason for the bad shaking mechanism is the joint bearing. In practice, if the hole of the joint bearing is worn long, the rocker rod hardly moves when the rocking motor is running. The reason is that when designing this mechanism, the rocking time is stipulated to be 30s, so this time is sufficient. There are two joint bearings in the rocking mechanism, the above one is connected with the motor eccentric, the following one is connected with the rocker crank, and the bearing connected with the eccentric wheel runs in a circular motion, while the other only does reciprocating motion. Accordingly, the above bearing connected with the eccentric wheel has a large operating amplitude, and it is also easy to heat. When the continuous operation time is less than 30s, slight heating is not a problem, if the operation time is extended to more than 1min, it will heat, will seriously burn the bearing, so the fume purification integrated system can not be arbitrarily changed shaking cleaning time.

    Next, explain the fume purification integrated system filter bag storage and installation knowledge:

    First, the installation of filter bag requirements: it is recommended to be installed by two people, one person will fold the cloth bag lengthwise into the flower plate hole, and the other person will grasp and open the filter bag into a roll. The cage frame should be centered, gently placed, and installed vertically.

    Second, filter bag installation inspection: after installing a filter bag, check whether the joint joint is sealed and whether the sealing position is correct. Check whether it is vertical from the ash hopper. If it is found that the bottom of the filter bag meets or is incorrect, it is necessary to make a record and adjust it in time under the guidance of a special person.

    Third, the filter bag installation process, no smoking, any form, any part of the welding and cutting work, power is strictly prohibited with lighters, matches and other lighting, every day after the installation of the work to check the installation tools, so as not to miss into the filter bag damage filter bag.

    Fourth, the installation personnel should be dressed in concise, clean pockets, can not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects, so as to avoid falling into the filter bag. (If the filter bag falls into the debris need to remove). Do not wear shoes with nails or hard soles for installation.

    Fifth, the filter bag should be stored away from the fire, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light, to prevent heavy extrusion. Each filter bag should be inspected before installation to prevent mechanical damage.

    6, installation environment requirements: the installation site lighting is sufficient, the site is not allowed to store unrelated to the installation of equipment, debris, etc.

    Seven, after the installation of the flower plate should be gradually covered with canvas, so as to avoid debris falling into the filter bag. When installing the spray pipe, cover the flower plate with canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag mouth.

    fume purification integrated system suitable for all kinds of single dust production points, flexible and convenient, local dust collection, local treatment, can determine the cleanliness of the air. The basic structure is composed of dust removal box, centrifugal fan, filter bag (filter cartridge), dust collector and microcomputer controller, etc. The dust is sucked inside the dust collector box by the negative pressure of the fan through the dust suction pipe, the use of gravity and excellent, the coarse particle dust is initially filtered by the filter and directly dropped to the dust collector, and the fine particle dust is captured by the filter on the outer surface. The clean gas is filtered, separated and purified by the filter element and flows into the clean room, which is discharged from the outlet by the fan. The whole process of dust removal and filtration is the result of comprehensive effects such as gravity, inertial force, collision, electrostatic adsorption and screening.

    fume purification integrated system