Type of pvc manual resuscitator supplier

  • There are many types of pvc manual resuscitator supplier needed for medical activities, and their classification standards are not the same. Most hospitals classify them according to the actual work situation of their hospitals. Common classification methods include the following:

    Classification by value

    pvc manual resuscitator supplier has complex specifications and varies widely in price. In daily management, in order to achieve targeted management and better management effect, pvc manual resuscitator supplier is generally divided into low value consumables and high value consumables according to the value of consumables and clinical practical application.

    1) Low-value consumables refer to sanitary materials (such as infusion sets, syringes and dressings) with relatively low unit price and without implantation or intervention in the human body. Low-value consumables are commonly used in hospital departments. Although the unit price is relatively low, such consumables are in great demand and widely used in departments. They are basic consumables needed to carry out routine diagnosis and treatment activities in hospitals, and occupy a large amount of warehouse space and inventory cost in hospitals (the cost of low-value consumables in third-level general hospitals accounts for about 1/3 of the total cost of consumables).

    2) High value consumables refer to pvc manual resuscitator suppliers that directly affect the human body, have strict requirements on safety, have large clinical use, have high price, and have heavy cost for the patient, including vascular intervention, orthopedic implantation, neurosurgery, electrophysiology, pacemaker, etc. This kind of consumables are mostly specialized materials, relatively low value consumables, less use, but the price is expensive, occupy the hospital master working capital and inventory costs.

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