Inspire and innovate with diverse interactive displays

  • Back to school has taken on a new meaning. Educators need collaborative and safe display solutions to give teachers, students, and parents peace of mind as we embark on an adjusted way of life together. Many schools are turning to hybrid learning solutions to accommodate the flexible return of in-person teaching, while providing impactful, virtual classroom options at the ready. Samsung has partnered with Boxlight to provide schools with the learning software, instructional technology, and Professional Development needed to enhance the hybrid classroom, while future proofing their investment.


    Valuestek provides a diverse portfolio of technologies including smart signage, interactive displays, direct view LED, and monitors to support school’s communication with students, faculty, and parents. When combined with Boxlight, a leading provider of instructional technology – aiming to improve learning and engagement in classrooms, the two organizations provide teachers a complete solution that is easily adopted to create an engaging learning environment for students.