PTZ Cameras VS ePTZ Cameras

  • ePTZ cameras provide a motorless PTZ experience, allowing the user to zoom in on an image or perspective, crop the image, and move around the frame. Because the images are digitally processed, different camera position presets can be easily recalled without the mechanical camera rotation of the past, a feature that works perfectly with the Auto Camera Preset Position Control plugin.


    The main difference between ePTZ cameras and PTZ cameras is the degree of zoom.


    PTZ cameras use optical zoom, so image quality is not affected by zoom. If you zoom in on a 1-megapixel camera to the farthest point, you can still have a 1-megapixel image.


    But with ePTZ, everything is digital. The image becomes pixelated when zoomed in because you are stretching the original image. If you zoom in by a factor of 4, the image resolution will effectively be reduced by a factor of 4. To compensate for this, we offer higher resolution fixed cameras, such as the ca403n which is a 4K ePTZ camera.