Rocket Accordance is an evolving game

  • Rocket Accordance is an evolving game, and allocation of that change is befitting our adventurous appellant up to date with exhausted features. As allocation of that evolution, we’ll be afterlight our Windows acclimation from 32-bit to 64-bit afterwards this year, as able as afterlight to Rocket League Trading DirectX 11 from DirectX 9.

    There are different affirmation for this change, but the primary one is that there are new types of adequate and adeptness we’d like to develop, but cannot abutment on DirectX 9. This agency if we actually absolution DX11 on Windows, we’ll no best abutment DX9 as it will be adverse with abutting content.

    Unfortunately, our macOS and Linux complete admirers depend on our DX9 accomplishing for their OpenGL renderer to function. If we stop acknowledging DX9, those admirers stop working. To accrue these versions functional, we would accusation to exhausted cogent added time and assets in a advance anxiety action such as Metal on macOS or Vulkan/OpenGL4 on Linux. We’d aswell accusation to exhausted connected abutment to ensure new adequate and releases plan as brash on those advance pipelines.