It Is Important To Know How To Clean Plastic Ball Valve


    Cleaning a plastic ball valve is a very important step in maintaining a piping system, especially one that requires high purity. Two examples of high purity applications are chemical processing and brewing. Regardless of application, you should clean out any plastic ball valve before installation, as they can collect dust during manufacturing and shipping.

      We will focus on how to clean out a plastic ball valve when it has already been in operation, as that will cover pre-cleaning as well. As mentioned before, some valves are set in systems permanently while some are removable. Real cleaning is only possible when the ball valve is able to be taken out of the system. Otherwise, it is impossible to scrub out the interior of the valve and ensure that it is being disinfected fully.

      The first step in cleaning out a plastic ball valve is to remove it from the pipeline. Usually this involves unscrewing the whole valve (when using a traditional PVC ball valve) or unscrewing the individual ends (when using a true union PVC ball valve). Next, take the plastic ball valve apart as much as possible. This is usually easier with true union valves, as they usually allow the user to remove the ends, ball, and stem. The diagram below illustrates how to take apart a true union ball valve.

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