The Situation Of Flex Banner Manufacturers


    flex banner manufacturers have many flexible banners. The PVC material is composed of PVC and polyester. PVC or polyvinyl chloride banners are often called vinyl banners. It is used as vinyl siding and outdoor advertising. PVC Flex is the best quality of all digital printers designed for the Indian market. Due to its stable chemical properties and good ink absorption, PVC Flex will bring wonderful digital printing images to large-format image advertisements. With classic high quality and best sales service, PVC Flex now plays an important role in the signage and banner advertising industry.

    Flex is a polyethylene sheet widely used to provide high-quality digital printing for outdoor enclosures and banners, mainly printed in CMYK mode by a large color plotter

    There are two types of PVC flex.

    Front light Flex
    Backlight flexible

    Application of headlamps

    Indoor and outdoor displays
    Headlight bus shelter and indoor display
    Booth decoration
    Backlight application

    Backlight box
    Billboard (backlit)
    Large format light box
    Display (indoor and outdoor)
    Airport light box
    Backlit bus shelters and in-store displays


    Features of PVC Flex Banner

    Good effect, light fast, completely opaque
    Top processing, anti-ultraviolet
    Surface anti-mildew and anti-fouling treatment
    Can be sprayed or added directly
    Strong structure, resistant to typhoon
    Prevent burning flame-retardant, safe material
    Resistant to various chemical solvents
    Advantages of PVC Flex Banner

    Flexible banner usage.
    It can be easily used for full color banners
    Intricate artwork.
    For non-commercial parties
    Cheap alternatives
    This kind of indoor and outdoor use
    Graphic designers can reproduce the same high-quality images
    This change in digital printing technology has led to improvements in the materials used in the vinyl printing industry.
    Resists fading and weather damage for years.
    Processing methods in the manufacturing process

    Laminating process
    Gua Sha process
    Calendar processing
    market structure

    At present, the Indian market is booming, with an annual growth rate of 25-30% and a value of approximately Rs 500-60 crore. Our products are bound to sweep the market. Headquartered in India, we will provide our customers with the best after-sales support and assistance. Therefore, this will affect the Korean and Chinese markets in India, because our products will have the additional advantage of local presence. Moreover, the quality standard is no less than that of any international brand. "Although China's flexible board market share in India is more than 90%, and South Korea's flexible board is only 5-7%, it is now ready to launch its products to compete with quality standards.

    Signage, LED and showroom display play a very important role in every business. In India, the advertising industry has an annual output value of more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars and is growing at an annual rate of about 20%.

    In addition to those, we also have some other products, such as inkjet cover film is also available.