Advertisement Cloth Printing Process Knowledge


    advertisement cloth design is generally an important point when enterprises customize advertising shirts. The advertisement cloth of enterprises is generally limited. The design of advertisement cloth of enterprises needs to be designed according to the characteristics of the corporate pattern. Normally there will be more corporate logos, products, slogans, etc. design. And some advertising shirts that express individuality freely are more inclined to express individuality, without any constraints, and rely entirely on the designer's own ideas.

    However, whether it is corporate advertising shirt design or private individual advertising cloth design, you need to understand the printing process of advertising shirts before designing. For example, color fabric advertising shirts have been printed with water-based glue and paint, but if the producer has mastered thermosetting plastics The ink production technology has purchased corresponding equipment (mainly used for advertising shirt printing machines, infrared dryers, infrared advertising shirt ovens, etc.), which can use thermosetting ink to print and process advertising shirts on colored fabrics.

    Moreover, glue printing and thermosetting ink printing have different requirements for the design of patterns. Glue can only be used for simple color block pattern printing. Thermosetting inks can be used for screen transition printing, not only for adding primary colors on white advertising shirts. Mesh printing, you can also add mesh printing to special colors on dark advertising shirts.

    If the crafting process of the pattern designed by the designer does not match, the printed pattern will not reach the designer's original intention and effect, or even impossible to print at all. Therefore, the designer must be a master of the advertising cloth printing process, especially the outstanding advertising shirt designers will pay close attention to the world's latest advertising shirt printing and printing equipment development and its technical characteristics in order to use the latest science and technology. Produce novel and unique advertising shirts as soon as possible with scientific and technological achievements.
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