Light Box Cloth Classification Of Flex Banner Manufacturers


    What is the difference between knife scraping cloth and flex banner? Knife scraper cloth is a chemically synthesized material, which is thicker than ordinary light cloth. The front side of the knife scraping cloth is soft and smooth, and the back side is rough, with thick and uneven granules. Knife squeegee is divided into high-gloss surface and matte surface, mainly because of the different application range. High-gloss surface is mainly used indoors, and matte surface can be used indoors and outdoors. The flex banner is a light box sign fabric composed of two layers of PVC and a layer of high-strength grid cloth. It is also called Polaroid. It is divided into internal lighting and external lighting. The main production method is knife coating. , Calendering method, and sticking law. It is characterized by thickness and tensile strength.
    1. Knife scraping cloth is generally used for coating canopy covers, light boxes, background panels, and wide-format advertising pictures in public places.
    The flex banner is more practical.
    2. The squeegee cloth is durable, affordable, and has poor texture. It can be illuminated by a floodlight or a built-in light bar.
    The flex banner is mostly soft film, UV, and more textured. It is mostly used indoors, such as mobile phone advertising light boxes, large airport subway light boxes.
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