Outdoor Folding Gazebo Color Selection

  •       Outdoor Folding Gazebo, whether single account, double account, or triple account, the most practical is the double layer account. The outer account is waterproof and the inner account is breathable. Do you know what color outdoor tent is good for?

          Some of the low-priced single-layer tents seen in supermarkets are not suitable for outdoor use at all, but are just suitable for use during leisure time on a sunny day. It is neither waterproof nor breathable. What should I pay attention to when setting up a tent? Outdoor tents, especially newly purchased tents, must be tried at home first to check whether there are any problems, including whether the tent fabric is damaged, whether any parts are missing, so that you will not encounter trouble when camping, and you can also bring it with you Some spare parts that are easily damaged, just in case; do not place near water to avoid rising water. Don't be under the cliff to avoid falling rocks. Don't be in high convex places and avoid strong winds. Don't be under an independent tree to avoid electric shock.

          Don't be in the grass or bushes to avoid snakes and insects. The ideal campsite should be a dry, flat, wide-sighted place, with access up and down, sheltered from wind and drainage, and convenient for water. Everyone knows what color outdoor tent is good?

          Generally speaking, green does not attract insects. In the forest area, yellow and orange attract insects, especially yellow. Therefore, when traveling outdoors, it is recommended to use blue or red in places with many plants, such as high mountains, forests, and beaches. Yellow and orange are better.

          There are two types of pole materials for tents. Fiberglass is cheap, light in weight, but easy to crack in cold weather; aluminum poles are more expensive, but sturdy. Generally, elementary tents are equipped with fiberglass poles.

          Tents are also divided into automatic accounts and non-automatic accounts. Non-automatic accounts are more common, because they are light in weight (backpackers must strictly control the weight of the equipment), and it will not be too troublesome. Ten minutes is enough; automatic accounts are convenient, a few steps It can be supported, but it will be much heavier.

          In addition, some accessories are necessary for tents during camping, such as moisture-proof pads, sleeping bags, mats, camping lights (a flashlight is also acceptable), these are not too few. It is more cost-effective for novices to buy on Taobao, a few hundred yuan is enough, because they don't go to very harsh areas, so ordinary Custom Hanging Umbrellais enough