Outdoor Folding Gazebo's High Standards

  • Everyone should be no stranger to Outdoor Folding Gazebo. In order to extend the service life of the awning, we will choose a high-standard awning when choosing a awning. So, what is the high standard of the awning?

    1. In terms of material and structure, since the awning must withstand the wind and rain, it must be strong enough first. To meet this requirement, certain standards must be met in terms of material and structure. In terms of structure, if it is in some places where the wind is relatively strong, or where the wind is relatively windy, then the bracket should be selected instead of the cliff type. For another example, in terms of materials, different materials have different effects. Some materials are more durable, and some materials are more tough. Some materials are mainly used for fire resistance and corrosion resistance. Users should choose according to different situations. Make a selection.

      2. Custom Hanging Umbrella from the perspective of light transmittance, the awning in some places must have enough light transmittance, because it is often used at the entrance of some buildings, if it does not have better light transmittance , Then it will cause the intersection to become dark, which is not conducive to increasing the light.