High-quality Outdoor Folding Gazebo

  • Outdoor Folding Gazebo's snow skirt can indeed prevent air convection and play a role in wind protection. But I want to ask: What should I do in the other three seasons? If this account is only used in winter, it should be called a winter account instead of a four-season account.

       Someone mentioned, let’s plan a snow skirt that can be taken apart. I don’t know if any brand in the world has done this, but I think it’s a good method. It’s just that I haven’t seen such an account myself. Why don’t those big professional accounts in foreign countries do this? I think there may be their reasons. The reason I can think of is: using a zipper to disassemble, the cost is high, not to mention the weight is too large, even if there is half a zipper in a circle when it is removed, it will not be light. If you use juggling stickers to open it, simply leaking air in the empty space without juggling stickers will not achieve the purpose.

       Finally, I want to say: Snow skirts have been screened for a few years among the international professional account-keeping brands. Even professional mountain accounts rarely have this kind of planning. I don't know why foreigners don't use it. I don't use snow skirts myself. The air is stuffy is a difficult problem to solve.

       2. Ability to resist wind and snow pressure. Difference, is there a difference? It seems not. The performance of wind and snow resistance mainly depends on the structure, thickness and windproof ropes of the tent poles and the fixed points of the nails. Without changing these three-quarter accounts, why can they meet the requirements of the four-season accounts?

      3. More spacious tent space and hall space. Haha, stop teasing, the reason is completely the same as in the structure of 2. Why is it counted as a four-season account?

       Correct use of Custom Hanging Umbrella:

       I have talked a lot about the account. Too many new donkeys in the forum only know what accounts are good, but they may not use them correctly. Honestly speaking, even if you buy a 3K silver account, it is as uncomfortable to use it badly.

       Today, I illustrated a few tips on the use of accounts, and some of them are for everyone to see first. Since the pictures were drawn by colleagues, I only have these few pictures now. I will add new pictures later.

    When    gadolinium nails, do not nail them at a 90-degree angle. The tent nails should be at a right angle to the tent pole to have the greatest fixation resistance. Therefore, it is usually nailed at an angle of 45-60 degrees to the ground.