Advantages Of Outdoor Folding Gazebo

  • The weather has now entered the barbecue mode, and in some places it has even reached 40 degrees or more. So how to find a cool place under the scorching sun? Due to the high ambient temperature, an Outdoor Folding Gazebo has been set up in every corner in various places, and all kinds of parasols can be seen.



    Parasols can be divided into center pillar umbrellas and side pillar umbrellas according to their structure, so what is the difference between them?



    The center-pillar umbrella is generally made of 180g or 250g polyester fabric, and the umbrella frame is made of aluminum alloy, solid wood and other materials, which has a good shading effect.


    Side pillar umbrellas usually use 380g polyester fiber cloth with aluminum alloy ribs. Side pillar umbrellas can be divided into single-sided umbrellas, rotating umbrellas, banana umbrellas and so on. The best sunshade design among all parasols is the rotating umbrella, also known as the Roman umbrella. The umbrella body can be rotated 360 degrees to different positions on the living level, and can also be rotated 90 degrees in the vertical unfolding direction. The biggest feature of the rotating umbrella is that it can move freely, and the sunshade effect is the best. This single-sided umbrella not only has a good shading effect, but also has a strong advertising market effect. The logo can be printed on the surface of the parasol, which has a good promotion.


    With the passage of time, the functions of Custom Hanging Umbrella have been continuously improved, and have been improved on the original basis, such as a more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient sun umbrella, and a more romantic umbrella with lighting.