Introduction Of Custom Hanging Umbrella Design

  •    The structural frame of the canopy, high-strength aluminum alloy awning, anti-corrosion, strong light transmission, and screws are all made of stainless steel; the guide and bearing pulleys are connected with a rope through a professional edge to generate a tension spring to make the entire Sail compact and smooth. Double guide rail canopy is beautiful and generous, suitable for villas, sun rooms, balconies; the canopy fabric is equipped with corrosion resistance, high powdery mildew resistance materials against heat and ultraviolet rays, ensuring the best sun protection effect.
      Outdoor Folding Gazebo drive motor uses scene red high torque motor Lang 30n-70 or French imported 25n-70 Somfy tubular motor, so that the expansion and contraction of the tent can be controlled and limited, and can be adjusted at any time. The motor has low noise, waterproof, overheat protection and other functions. The control method can use a switch, wireless remote control, and can also be integrated into a light, wind, and rain control system.
    Applicable places: a sunny room, a greenhouse, a greenhouse, an open-air balcony, a laboratory, it is not only a large punk sunshade, but also adjustable at any time, flexible to maintain freedom, without the facade of the site, the seal can also be independent , It directly replaces the glass fiber reinforced plastic structure and reduces the cost. It is widely used in homes, tourist areas, business buildings, hotel villas and other occasions. How to install the roof safely? It can also be determined according to the actual situation of the specific location. . Custom Hanging Umbrella must pay attention to the design elements: install the fixed reform plan, width and length or the box outside the box, wind resistance and shading coefficient, safety, control mode, fabric, transportation, step height.