The Use Of China Custom Sunshade Parasol In Different Environme

  • Folding tent wholesale manufacturers have several models of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo, tents all year round, advertising outdoor folding tents, outdoor tents, and electric smart retractable tents. In different environments and different seasons, what kind of suitable tent should everyone choose to use?

    Summer application: It is single-sided, very natural ventilation, it is the bottom end of a type of canopy plus layer polyester, very natural ventilation, it is a low altitude outdoor type, it can resist drizzle, and the design plan considers ventilation and can resist the weather, generally The cover is a naturally ventilated sand window, the bottom layer is nylon, and there is an outdoor tent. The color is light and it is not easy to make the interior too windy and sunburned. It is unbearable.


    Large mountain applications: Most of the high mountains have a very abundant climate. The camp pillars of the tent must support points and resist sudden bad weather. The tent design must be suitable for the requirements of rock climbing or hikers. It is also very comfortable to live in. .

    Application throughout the year: The material of the tent is hard to support snowfall and strong wind, and the double-door type is easy to enter and exit bad weather. The design of this type of tent considers the problem of equipment access during the frost period and the problem of whether the indoor space of the tent is sufficient for drinking utensils , Very suitable for snowstorms and thunderstorms under the boundary of the mountain forest

    Seasonal use: refers to the China Custom Sunshade Parasol used during non-storm and snowy periods. The difference depends on the camp column, which can avoid heavy wind and a small amount of snow. Most tents have air-permeable polyester inner tents and outdoor tents with good waterproofness. The tent door is double-layered, and the first floor is gauze. The moisture inside the tent can leak out. The tent door is larger. This kind of tent is suitable for activities from three days to one week. It is a forest or an open camp that will not be excessively exposed. terrain.