Introduction Of Custom Hanging Umbrella Style


    The specific style of Custom Hanging Umbrella

    The materials, handwork and technology of rattan weaving are mainly based on the traditional crafts of Southeast Asia, making rattan products full of ancient southern style, less modern style, and usually more popular among middle-aged people. The rattan chair is not only simple but not lacking in taste, but also emphasizes the artistry in its shape. There are not only Chinese peacock, chicken heart, and sun shapes, but also European and American palace shapes, crown shapes, and regular and irregular geometric shapes. Almost any rattan furniture can be customized, so the styles of rattan furniture are also diverse.


    1. The best raw materials

    Imported rattan: The quality of rattan from Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia is good; while the quality of rattan from Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar is slightly worse.

    Paint: The paint of rattan products uses plant tungsten paint, which is environmentally friendly and natural, and has a light aroma of tung oil, which looks fresh and natural.

    Solid wood: Burmese beech (also known as alder) is used, with fine texture and beautiful texture.

    The vine is a palm climbing plant in the tropical and southern subtropical forest treasure house. It is thorny, grows fast, and has strong regeneration ability. The general growth cycle is 5-7 years. There are many kinds of vines. There are more than 600 species in 13 genera. Among them, 10 genera are distributed in Southeast Asia and adjacent areas, and 4 genera are distributed in tropical regions of West Africa (3 of which are endemic genera). Among the many rattan-producing regions, Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rain forest area, with abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and the fertile volcanic ash soil makes the rattans thick, full and well-proportioned, and the quality of the rattan is good. Indonesian rattan is therefore famous. Outdoor Folding Gazebo is deeply loved by people.