Leisure Furniture Storage

  •    Outdoor Folding Gazebo products are not only environmentally friendly, but also maintain the original natural texture of moso bamboo, giving people a simple and classic feeling. Warm in winter and cool in summer, return to nature.

      1, small round storage basket



    This creative round small storage basket is made of natural rattan and artificially woven by workers. It is natural and simple but beautiful. It can be used as a snack basket in teahouses or bars. It can contain sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, and potatoes. Bars, candies and other snacks!

      2, picnic basket



       This rattan roof picnic basket is a must-have for picnics! It definitely shines. Easy to carry, beautiful and generous, with it, you don’t have to worry about placing small items anymore, just leave it to him~

      3, desktop storage basket



       Retro nostalgic style, pure hand-made traditional weaving process, the most unexpected materials and patterns, unique shapes, to create a stylish and warm feeling to your home.

      4, tea ceremony accessories



      The tea ceremony can be used as a storage for tea sets, and the desk can be used as a stationery for placing, which is very interesting.

      5, storage basket



       Art comes from life, and is used in life. The natural colors of plants and woods blend with the original taste of grass. The natural taste is the favorite of this season, tabletop, pastoral, weaving, storage, Japanese style. It's not obtrusive how it matches. This is not only home storage, but also a sort of life finishing, allowing you to harvest a better and happy life converter.

       6, tea set tray



       exquisite weaving, durable, can be placed on the tea set, can also be used as a desktop storage.

      7, laundry basket



       The "head" is so big that all the dirty clothes of a family of three can be thrown in. There is no need to worry about the problem of having no place to put the clothes on the heart~ With handles, you can easily move the basket even if it is full.

       8, tissue box



      Imagine, if such a small and exquisite rattan tissue box is placed on the table, would it feel more simple and close to nature?

       9, pastoral style storage basket group



      The fresh rattan weave and the sweet strawberry cotton print are very suitable for girls who like rural style! You can place cosmetics, snacks, small living things, etc., handmade, comfortable, natural and beautiful.

      10, fruit basket



      The editor insists on recommending natural and original items, especially those related to food. Compared with steel or plastic, Leisure Furniture's fruit baskets are more green and environmentally friendly, ensuring the health of you and your family. Large hollow woven breathable, easy to filter water, fresh every day~