Attention Before Buying Wood Wicker Furniture

  • When faced with buying furniture, many readers will not know what wicker is. Surprisingly, many people know that wicker is the name of the weaving process, not the name of any single material. Wood Wicker Furniture is not limited to natural materials, and can be made of any natural or man-made materials that are flexible and durable enough to be woven into furniture.

    In short, the term "wicker" actually refers to the various vines, grasses and plants used to weave furniture. Another thing to remember is that wicker is not limited to outdoor use, because it can be easily used indoors or outdoors. However, depending on where it is placed, there are some differences in the materials used in its manufacture.

    The difference between indoor and outdoor use

    Many outdoor furniture manufacturers usually use synthetic vinyl resins and resins for outdoor furniture because of their stricter requirements. It needs to withstand factors such as moisture, sunlight and extreme dryness, depending on the climate.

    Organic and natural materials are more commonly used in interior furniture because it is placed in a more protected environment.

    Weaving process

    When it comes to how to put wicker furniture together, both organic and synthetic materials use similar weaving techniques. This ultimately gives the two types of materials the same wicker appearance, which is very attractive.

    You can find a wide variety of styles and weaves, so you can find very modern wicker furniture as well as more traditional pieces. Wicker can also be found in many different colors, as well as more natural or white finishes. You can find Custom Outdoor Furniture in various shades.