Choose The Right Cabinet Door Handles

  •   Choosing the right Cabinet Door Handles is crucial to the overall look of your kitchen. After all, these little details can be the perfect finishing touch to any space. Also, when it comes to the kitchen, the right cabinet door handles are not only decorative but also make your kitchen experience smoother and more immediate. If you have trouble gripping, stay away from small doorknobs and awkward handles. When choosing the right door handle, consider who will be using the kitchen in your home, such as the elderly and children.

      Ultimately, the style of your kitchen will have the most significant impact on your search and final decision. Those with modern, contemporary kitchens are likely to prefer sleek designs with clean, clean lines, such as those in our collection of contemporary kitchen cabinet handles. Or, those who prefer classic style may opt for timeless traditional designs such as our Vintage Cabinet Knobs and our Traditional Cabinet Knobs.

      Your hardware should match the style of your kitchen, but it must also be comfortable to use. So personal preference matters a lot when deciding whether you want a knob or a pull style. Try getting samples of the knob or pull you want to buy. Typically, pulls are placed horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. In a modern kitchen, you might consider placing the pull handle horizontally on the door for a sleek look. Regardless of your kitchen style, consider how you want your knobs and pulls to be placed before you permanently attach them to your cabinets.

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