Compatibility Testing in Software Testing

  • Product compatibility refers to the product's ability function on any platform.

    Why Compatibility Test?

    Large user bases and software applications require multiple testing before they can be deployed to production.

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    Types of compatibility testing

    Browser compatibility testing is a broad-based tool that checks that a program works with all browsers including Chrome, IE Safari and Firefox.

    Hardware Compatibility Testing: This scenario tests how an app performs against various hardware configurations.

    Network Compatibility Test: Applications that connect to LTE networks or 3G networks should also be tested


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    Mobile Device Compatibility

    Compatibility testing is necessary when an application will have to be used by large numbers worldwide.

    Compatibility Test: There is a variety of compatibility testing.

    Requirements to Forward Compatibility Testing

    Reverse Compatibility Testing (RCT): This test confirms older versions work.


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    Common Defects During Web Applications Compatibility Testing

    A change in appearance may be possible.

    Fonts can have different sizes and alignments

    Media may not be permitted in certain environments

    Content missing or duplicate

    You may not see files

    Compatibility testing is tedious and time-consuming.


    Cross-Browser Testing Instruments

    Compatibility testing can be done manually or automatically.


    Browserstack allows you to test compatibility between web and mobile apps.

    CrossBrowserTesting, a commercial tool, ensures that your application runs smoothly across all platforms.

    Simulator, Emulator - These methods can both be used to verify compatibility.

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    Customers will be happier if their app is compatible with all platforms.