Two or three things

  • After all, she is different from ordinary women. He said, you must be very busy. She saw him looking at her. She said, do you know what I do? She wanted to joke with him and told him that she ran a small clothing store in the subway station. But he was very calm and said, "You are Yin Lianan.". Some of my colleagues have your records. But I don't buy it. I don't like it either. When did you know about me? Since you walked in and sat down at the table in front of me and ordered sushi. All this time, you've known? Yes. So what. I never told anyone. I'm not with you because of who you are. She suddenly felt cramped and disappointed, as if she were isolated when she was wrapped up by strangers in the crowd. Her mind raced, wondering if she could just disappear. Such a long loneliness, just because she is Yin Lian-an, not an ordinary woman, so she can not easily have ordinary love. And she just wants to be a simple little girl with a man who loves her. With her own heart, naked baby feelings. But what the man saw was that she was forced to wear heavy armor in the floating world. She is also a person who looks glorious and glorious. This is not what she thought. Zhuo yuan saw her disappointment and came over and hugged her. He said, what kind of bed would you buy. I love the cast iron black queen bed at Ikea which is the sturdiest. I'll repaint the kitchen. I will cook for you later. See (8) Maybe there is too much intuition in the feelings of being recognized and felt by each other. We are all proud people, so we feel ashamed at the same time. After that, he didn't call me for a week. He later told me that in those days, he felt like he was standing on the edge of a cliff,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, because he was about to jump in and there was no way out, so he had fear in his heart and preferred to linger for a long time and muddle along. I don't think I miss him. He doesn't have any power to change my sinking life. I seem to have been convinced of this. I am too utilitarian to waste time with useless people and things. This lack of ability to love is my self-knowledge. So it doesn't matter to me whether he comes or goes. At that time, I was resigning and preparing to travel far away. A man I met by chance, just as I later posted a notice all over the wall to find Aka, it would not be a rescue. Although it looks like an opportunity. It snowed that night. There was a lot of noise on the road, many people couldn't get a taxi,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and there was a queue of broken down cars. After I handed in my resignation, I went to the water lilies for a drink. This is the usual bar, in a hidden location in Sanlitun. The proprietress is a Taiwanese and Japanese hybrid, a very beautiful and lively woman who can mix all kinds of cocktails. The small bar is decadent, with only polished cement floors, a few big red velvet sofas, smoke holes and stains on the suede, and huge flowers on the walls. Outside the big French window is the most common poplar tree in Beijing. Tall, thin green leaves. You can sit there all afternoon and all night. Sitting on the sofa in the dark, even if he drank to death, no one would pay attention to him. But I always drink in moderation, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Kava Root Extract, knowing that I still need to go home and have Aka to take care of. At dusk, he picked up his coat and got up to walk down the narrow and steep stairs. Walking forward under the heavy snow flying all over the sky, I can't see the direction clearly at all. His face was burning. The alcohol swallowed in the afternoon began to churn in his chest again. As soon as he walked out of the door, he threw himself under a tree and began to vomit violently. Spit out a sour, fishy liquid. But I saw him. It was as if he had suddenly appeared. He said, I got off work, saw you across the road, and immediately turned the car around to look for you. How are you, Yoshio. My hair and face were already wet with snow. I didn't even know what I was going to say to him. I just looked straight at him. He picked me up. Instead of supporting me with his hands, he carried my whole body on his shoulders. My head was hanging upside down on his back, my bun was falling apart, and my long hair was flying in the wind. He wanted to send me home, and my heart began to calm down. But I saw the man with a blanket in his hand. He wrapped me in a blanket and said, "Nannan, we're going to the hospital.". When I was a child, I often had a fever repeatedly because of my low immunity. Even in the middle of the snowy night, he had to temporarily push his bicycle and send me to the hospital for an intravenous drip. The blood vessel was so thin that the nurse poked at it with a needle and couldn't get it into the vein. The body is no longer under its own control, and any medium can try to come in and transform it. I don't cry. I just hide. He held me, his body trembling slightly, and he was very afraid. Because he was afraid to see my pain. Out of the hospital, he took me to eat in a tank of ducks and dogs. An old shop specializing in desserts and dim sum, with small hot wontons. Food can be used to resist all pain and fear. His spoiling of me is also a kind of deprivation. So that I never gained my independence. Even when they leave in adulthood, they take the body and the will with them. He was the first man I faced in my life, and I finally chose to betray and run away. We feel guilt and greed for each other's lives. He made me never know how to get along with others and get trust. He put me in the back seat of the car. Search my bag for my keys and address book. My address is in the address book. Then the car started slowly and steadily. The strange man, who had only met twice, remained silent. I buried my face in my hair. I started throwing up again. See (9) She moved out of her senior rental apartment in Gubei, took simple luggage, moved into his old workshop, and quickly cohabited with him. She already has the material, so she doesn't care about it. What she wants is to have a man who can be around and hug each other to sleep every night, and now he has appeared. They repainted the room and bought new beds, carpets and kitchenware. Although it is simple, it seems to be a new home in her true sense. On the first night, they ate together at the table in the small kitchen, and Zhuo yuan cooked the food. She did not love this man deeply, nor did she feel that home was like this. But the dust in the world is long and cold, and she also cherishes this weak affection. When she was with him,D BHB Factory, she couldn't tell whether it was because of sex, or because of her need for affection, or because he could appear so easily. Maybe all three.