A lifetime, beauty bone.

  • "An hour?" She calculated the time and distance. "How long have you been here?" 。“ 30 minutes. 。“ 30 minutes? She laughed. "Didn't you say that your waiting habit was 15 minutes in advance?" He opened the car door for her and said casually, "If you're waiting for your fiancee, it's not too much to double the time." She didn't expect him to say that, so she got into the car and saw that Uncle Lin seemed to be laughing, too. The car turned out from the corner and drove smoothly onto the main road, which was lit as bright as day. I saw him open the window, a quarter of the height, just enough to breathe, but not to have the wind blowing hair. Between the two men, there was a wooden handrail, and his arm was not on it, but on her. She suddenly noticed all these details. Maybe he always gets along with himself like this. Although the feelings are slowly cultivated, but he really did everything he should do, set aside time to accompany her, but also set aside space, not to let the cumbersome family rules shackle her. Although from the only time I saw his mother, I could see how hard those family rules were to break. She touched his arm lightly with her hand. Zhou Shengchen looked back at her. He quietly pointed to the front seat, and he knew it and closed the soundproof glass. Does your family need some specific links to get engaged? She asked him. Zhou Shengchen thought about it carefully: "It's nothing. What I can omit has been cancelled." "Do you need a ring?" 。 He laughed. "Yes." 。“ "So after the ring," she looked into his dark eyes, "do you need to kiss your fiancee?" Zhou Shengchen was a little surprised, but he still thought about it carefully: "They didn't tell me about this." There was a faint smile in his voice. I think he probably understood what he meant. But I don't seem to understand. Come here a little. She whispered. He was very obedient and leaned over gently, as if he had some doubts. She asked softly, blushing a little: "If you ask so carefully, will others be embarrassed?" 。 He thought a little and said,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, "Maybe." She did not know what to say, but Zhou Shengchen waited politely and quietly. He was much taller than when she was sitting, so he had to lower his head and talk to her. Close at hand, demagogic. If you don't do that again, you may not have the courage again tonight. Suddenly, I closed my eyes and went up. At the moment of touching, I couldn't tell the difference between past and present lives. Such a feeling, so that she can not breathe, dare not move,Thyroid Powder Factory, dare not open her eyes. Only his heart beat, clinging tightly to the wooden handrail between them. In the brief stillness, she could even feel the eyes close at hand, her eyes closed harder and harder, even her eyelashes trembled slightly, stubbornly, unwilling to leave. Fortunately, he soon kissed himself gently back, and naturally, with the tip of his tongue, he pried open her lips and teeth, turning all passivity into initiative. And his hand, too, took hers lightly and closed it in the palm of his hand. The palms are warm and not hard. Lips and tongues depend on each other, such a distance, she once did not dare to think. He was not in a hurry, and even had a kind of careful and patient taste, L Methylfolate Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, kissing her. Inch by inch, minute by minute, take away her consciousness and thinking, she is not willing to leave, he did not mean to let go, so repeatedly, lasted for a long time. In the end, he finally moved away from her lips and kissed her face. Quietly, the two men separated. He seemed to want to say something, but finally he just smiled. Not daring to look at him again, he quickly turned his head and looked out of the window at the scenery passing by. The car was still moving smoothly, with buildings going away and lights coming in. Such a beautiful night, so open, all the way to see, how good it is. Extra Beauty Bone (Part 1) She still remembered that it was a sunny day when she was a teacher. Qinghe Cui's generation, she was the only girl in the family, and most of the rest died in infancy. And because the family power is strong, she is in the mother's belly, was referred to the prince. According to the comments of several nurses in childhood, if a boy was born at that time, he should be replaced by a girl in order to enter the palace. Fortunately, it's a girl. Unfortunately, the girl was born speechless. So, she will worship the little nanchen king for teacher, this sitting on seven hundred thousand troops, the most to the empress Dowager afraid of the little prince, is also the prince's youngest uncle, but is not the queen mother. According to her mother, this will give her a solid backing, and at the same time, it will be good for her to win over this uncle for the prince in the future. Kill two birds with one stone. Kill two birds with one stone. She seemed to understand what was at stake, but when she thought of the day when the master waved his hand and the three armed forces knelt together, she was still full of longing. Had she not seen him secretly that day, she would have thought that King Nanchen was a prince of more than thirty, otherwise he would not have had great military exploits, which made the royal family afraid. In full view of the crowd, the eleven workers made a neat gift of worship, took the teacup handed by the people around them, held it tightly with two small hands, and walked step by step to the young man sitting in the middle. The water swayed slightly in the cup, making ripples layer by layer. She dared not be distracted at every step until Zhou Shengchen respectfully raised the teacup over her head. She thought that if it was the rest of the disciples, they should call respectfully, "Master, please have tea," but she had to be quiet, and the only thing she could do was to hold the tea steady. Soon, one hand took the teacup in her hand, and the other hand held the cup and took a sip. "Well, are you called eleven at home?" Eleven raised his head, looked at him with shining eyes, and nodded gently. As it happens, I already have ten disciples, and I call you eleven, okay? He did not call himself "teacher",Theobromine Powder, but "I". She was a little stunned and couldn't help looking at her mother in the distance. After her mother nodded, she nodded gently again. She thought, this is really a strange master and little prince. pioneer-biotech.com