Cover the sky

  • He does not want to fight, although there is half a Yakuza soldier in hand, but after all, is not perfect, and urge up will definitely suck him dry. There is no master style, there is no heroic spirit, he swallows the lid of the magic jar to protect his body, and runs wildly. The saint was all skin and bones, and his flesh and blood were dried up, but the life from the outside was horrible and frightening, and he was chased down by a broken suit of war clothes of an unknown age. This is naturally Ye Fan, after entering the body shell of the sage, he came here to see Duan Du and wanted to clean him up. Naturally, the unscrupulous Taoist priest was frightened and ran faster than the rabbit. However, after Ye Fan adapted to this body for a short time, he immediately launched the formula of Xingyu, and soon caught up with it. Jie Jie laughed strangely. The smile is so penetrating. Duan Fatty's cold hair stood on end, his neck shrank, and he rolled like a ball, and his speed increased several times. Ye Fan pursued fiercely, and the thin hair on the shell was fluttering,Thyroid Powder Factory, and the deep-set eye holes were shining like an old corpse of ten thousand years. Jie Jie Jie.. Hearing this kind of laughter, Duan De had a layer of goose bumps all over his body, and when he saw the other side sticking out a big hand to touch his buttocks, he was so frightened that he turned into a black light and sank directly into the ground. "Ye Fan saw that there was a robbery hole leading to an altar deep underground, and the dead fat man was frightened to cross the void." Ha ha ha Ye Fan laughed. Fatty Duan stood on the altar with an uncertain face, and then slowly figured out the taste. If this was really a saint who wanted to kill him, I'm afraid he would have made a move on the ancient devouring magic pot. !” Duan De rushed out of the robbery hole and stared at Ye Fan for a long time. He was so angry that he shouted abuse and almost rushed to kill him. He understood geomantic omen and tombology, cultivated Yin and Yang heavenly eyes,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, carefully observed and sensed the familiar Qi movement that the sage Tianlinggai rushed out. Duan De cursed loudly, and then his eyes became hot again. "It's much safer to go into Purple Mountain with such a saint's flesh shell," he said. After Ye Fan was familiar with the body of this sage, he felt that the dry wheel sea and Taoist palace in his body had all revived some vitality, and even the broken bronze bell and war Ge had flown out for his use. But he sighed again that the strength of this body was absolutely speechless, so powerful! He felt like he could smash a holy soldier. However, although some of the divine power was revived, it could not be fully revived, after all, it had been dead for many years. Moreover, the primordial spirit has passed away, and there is no sage's law, and there is no impression of the Great Way. This is a saint's flesh shell, which is absolutely invincible after being taken over by Ye Fan's primordial spirit, but it is too difficult to be as powerful as the real saint, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Quillaja Saponin, lacking the corresponding mark of the law against heaven. That kind of thing is born in the primordial spirit, the mark has already been destroyed with time, otherwise how can you enter the Lord into the holy shell has long been obliterated! Unless it is the body of the ancient emperor, it is estimated that even the hair and even the nails that have been repaired are interwoven with the divine principles of the supreme path, and grow with the most original texture of heaven and earth. Duan Dedao. Ye Fan asked why the blind old Taoist priest had not come yet, and he said that he had gone to borrow the magic pot from Tu Tian, the seventh Kou. The two of them waited here for several days, and finally saw the old blind man, who was more like an old liar in Jianghu than he was more than ten years ago. As soon as they met, he grabbed Duan De's hand and shook it affectionately, and then neatly and skillfully removed a string of demon beads, and put them on his wrist without blushing or beating. Duan De jumped to his feet and cursed him for being a white-eyed wolf and having no conscience. He saved his life in vain. The old blind man rolled his eyes and said that it was he who saved the life of the unscrupulous Taoist priest, and that it was the dead fat man who stole the ancient cemetery of an ancient royal family, which provoked the pursuit of an ancestral king. Every good bird, this is Ye Fan's cognition, these two people each good thing, is quite the bastard, gathers in one and a half catties eight two. The old blind man's cultivation is very scary now. Ye Fan is a little confused. According to his guess, the man who was at the same level as the Red Dragon in those days should be the king after the change of heaven and earth. If you want to go in, not to mention anything else, what should you do if you disturb the ancient royal family? Ye Fan asked. Don't worry, everyone has already gone away. When the bell rang, all the ancient kings here were swept out of the house. Duan Dedao said some unknown secrets. At that time, Emperor Wushi entered the Purple Mountain and detained all the guardians of the nine dragon veins in the ancient imperial mountain, leaving them a place to be the door God. To put it nicely, they are door gods, but in fact, they are forcibly detained here as servants guarding the door. The old blind man said. The last time the bell rang loudly, all the ancient people were shaken out and could not stop here. Purple Mountain was almost empty. Let's go. What are you waiting for? It is said that there is an immortal Phoenix medicine in it. It's good for us to smell the medicine this time. "Duan De said." You, a little grave robber, have been squatting here for more than ten years. If I had known you didn't have any good farts, you would have rushed into the cemetery of the ancient royal family. Today, I finally couldn't help but pay attention to the tomb of the ancient emperor. Said the old blind man. Damn, I'm just a great archaeologist. Everything is just to restore history and witness miracles. Don't put my lofty ideals on the same level as your tiny God stick mentality. "Shit!" The old blind man is concise and clear. Don't argue. Shall we break through by force or find a way in? Ye Fan asked. Duan De said, "Every big tomb is full of beautiful artifacts. Forcibly breaking into the tomb is a crime against every official.". It is a sinner through the ages. We should go in gently and appreciate it with a lofty mind. "Get out!" The old blind man slapped him on the back of the head, threw a pile of tortoise shells on the ground, and began to look for good luck. Finally, he pointed to a dragon vein and said that it was the gate of life, and there was a Jirui divinatory symbol. Ye Fan smiled as soon as he saw it, but it was the way he had gone, but when he went in along the underground ancient vein, he could not laugh. In the deepest part, the natural picture of Yin and Yang turned into a piece of chaos, which made people palpitate and tremble. Ye Fan deeply touched, Yin and Yang reversal, into the infinite, is the beginning of the innate Tao,S Adenosyl Methionine, this is a terrible change of Tao! It is absolutely impossible to get in here, and most of the forced entry will be attributed to Wuji's transformation on the spot and become a wisp of law, which will dissipate itself between heaven and earth.