The Deer and the Cauldron

  • Kangxi, with his hands on his back, waited for Trinket in the imperial study. When he saw him, he scolded him, "Where did his grandmother Trinket go to hang around again?" Then he said, "Jieshu came back today. He reported Jin Fu.." Trinket was startled and scolded himself. "Damn it, I've been so busy eating, drinking and having fun that I've forgotten whether the head on my neck is reliable or not!"! Someone should have been sent to Prince Kang's house earlier, and as soon as he came back, he would make a confession first. This can be good, Lao Tzu's old brother must be the matter of Jin Fu old boy, all on the head of the old brother. However, little Xuanzi opened his mouth and scolded'his grandmother ', but it seemed that there was no malice. He beat a drum in his heart, but he saw Kangxi walking back and forth with a heavy heart. Kangxi's eyes were bloodshot, and when he was less than thirty years old, a few white hairs appeared on his temples. "Little Xuanzi is not a happy emperor," said Trinket. Kangxi suddenly stood still in front of Trinket and said, "Little Guizi, I remember you had a nickname in Jianghu, didn't you? Little White Dragon?" Trinket was a well-behaved man, and he stayed with Kangxi for more than ten years. He knew that there were many taboos in the palace, and that calling himself "dragon" was a capital crime of heresy. Under the whole world, only the emperor was the real dragon and the son of heaven! He hesitated for a moment and replied nervously, "It's just a joke from Jianghu friends. It's not serious." Kangxi, however, was distracted again. After a while,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, he suddenly said with a smile, "When Jieshu replied to the decree, he praised you a lot.". You are a friend of Jin Fu, and you have a relationship with Huanglong Daxia, and you are his grandmother's Little White Dragon and Little Guizi. Why don't you go and help Lao Tzu control the water? "Wei Xiaobao was stunned." Control the water? The emperor Although the slave is called the little white dragon, it is actually a dry dragon.. As soon as the word "dragon" came out of his mouth, Trinket stretched out his hand and slapped himself in the face. "You're talking nonsense," he scolded! Your Majesty, the slave is actually a drought worm, where will cure what water? If the emperor thinks that Jin Fu is useless. Then send someone else. The slave is willing to serve the emperor in the palace, and he doesn't want to go anywhere. "Don't hurt your uncle," said Kangxi. "I'll send you to be the governor of the river and ask Jin Fu to be your deputy. I have read his strategy of harnessing the river, but it is quite feasible. Xiao Guizi, we have a friendship, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and I won't give you a loss. If the Yellow River is successfully harnessed, you are the governor of the river, and the credit is always yours. If something goes wrong, it is Jin Fu who is responsible for it, and he alone will bear the blame. Xiao Guizi, this is like when you do Zhuang Tui Pai Gow, first steal a pair of Supreme Treasure in your hand, no matter what cards your opponent touches, you can't beat the Supreme Treasure. You're a bookmaker, so naturally you can kill without losing. You'll win before you start gambling. What are you afraid of? "When Trinket heard that you can kill without losing, he couldn't help but be eager to try." Your Majesty even knows that slaves like to cheat in gambling. It's really better than Zhuge Zhiliang. "Your Majesty, the slave obeyed the order to gamble on Pai Gow and be the one to catch the sheep." Chapter 07 Smoke and Clouds in the Capital, Things in the Dream, Wealth and Honor, Guests and Border People (Part Two) But Kangxi did not speak. When Trinket returned to Beijing this time, he saw that Kangxi had not revealed his feelings as he had done a few years ago, and that he had an elusive feeling. His heart was filled with awe, and he stopped talking and dared not say anything more. Kangxi thought for a moment and then said, "Little Guizi, you are the governor of the river. Although you dare not say anything in the court, you must be very disapproving in your heart.". You have to fight for me. "Yes," replied Trinket, bowing down. The slave must do his best not to embarrass the emperor. Kangxi nodded and said, "That's good.". Guizi, you have to be satisfied when you are alone. Money is an external thing, so don't be too greedy. The people along the Yellow River have suffered from the Yellow Peril for generations, and they are suffering unspeakably. It's too late for the court to sympathize with them, so we can't add any extra taxes to them. Wei Xiaobao brought Jin Fu's strategy of harnessing the river to Kangxi. Kangxi stayed awake for several nights and made a detailed discussion. After Prince Kang Jieshu returned to Beijing, he indirectly said a lot of good words for Jin Fu because of his interests. It was because of Kangxi's repeated kindness that he made up his mind to let Jin Fu continue to harness the river. However, the removal of Jin Fu, or even the execution on the spot, after all, is their own imperial edict, this bend is not much better. Thinking about it, he thought of Wei Xiaobao, a "lucky general". However, Kangxi knew that Trinket was not only vulgar and uncivilized, but also greedy. He used him as a river governor. He did not know how well the Yellow River had been harnessed. He was afraid that the land along the Yellow River would have to be scraped off a few inches. Trinket understood what Kangxi meant and said, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. Jin Fu has been managing the river for eight years and has two sleeves of clean air. The slave Trinket has been managing the river for three or four years. Just get him three sleeves and four sleeves of clean air.". Seeing that he spoke insincerely, Kangxi said slowly, "You haven't been in the capital these two years, and you don't know much about a lot of things.". I was determined to rectify the administration of officials, and I saw some results. Little Guizi,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, do you know Thorson? Thorson is the inspector of Shaanxi. Two years ago, Wei Xiaobao was very popular in the court. Thorson also sent people from time to time to pay a hundred and eighty thousand for filial piety. Wei Xiaobao did not take it to heart, but only knew that there was such a person.