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  • Gu Jinchao did not expect that Chen Xuanqing, who had always been cold, would also get angry and was stunned for a moment. Why is he so angry! It has nothing to do with her. Why are you so excited? I don't want you to have a cold face in the future. After all, they are all three-bedroom people. Of course, I don't like people to misunderstand me. Gu Jinchao frowned, "I didn't speak for you about you and Sister Xuan at that time, because I didn't think it was easy to say clearly.". But you and she are cousins with different surnames. If she doesn't pay attention to these problems, you should also pay attention to them. Can't you see the difference between her words and deeds? After hearing this, Chen Xuanqing took a deep breath and said calmly, "I was too excited just now. I'm sorry." Since this has nothing to do with you, there's no need for you to say more. You're my stepmother, and it doesn't bother me how I treat you. Gu Jinchao felt that he actually did not quite believe it, but she said here, Chen Xuanqing did not believe it. …… I've said all I want to say. You can step down. Gu Jinchao finished, picked up the unfinished account book, do not want to pay attention to Chen Xuanqing. The light of the setting sun shone on her black hair with a silky luster, and her skin was softer than snow. Gu Jinchao's appearance is really amazing. Chen Xuanqing looked at her and stood quietly for a long time. The cake he sold to Sister Xi was put on the Kang table, and Sister Xi went to feed her just now. Everything in the sunset has a feeling of loneliness and loss. He could still feel a change in his heart. No matter how angry, in how cold can not hide the feeling. The urge to approach her, to treat her gently, to have a good conversation with her. If it wasn't for you.. How could my grandmother know what I said to Zhou Yixuan? Chen Xuanqing said. Gu Jinchao raised his head and said with a sigh,30ml dropper bottle, "That's what Sister Xuan said herself. She's just stupid." "Just like you?" Chen Xuanqing suddenly asked. Gu Jinchao frowned, what do you mean? What? Just like her. Then I'll go first. I misunderstood you for a reason. Maybe I think too much of myself. He gave a self-deprecating smile. "I'm sorry, mother." Then he turned and left. Gu Jinchao watched Chen Xuanqing leave and felt that he looked a little strange. But she was relieved that things were clear. Mother Sun came in and discussed dinner with Gu Jinchao. Caifu quietly withdrew from the West. Chen Xuanqing walked very fast. She trotted and barely caught up with him. Seven young masters, the maidservant has something to say to you. Chen Xuanqing stopped and saw the girl beside Gu Jinchao, frowning, "what's the matter?" Tsefu also felt that it was not polite to stop him so rashly, but she did not care so much. She hesitated for a moment, then bent over and said, "The maidservant has only one word …" The lady has put aside the past, the lady married to the Chen family because of the third master, there is no other reason. So put it down, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, too. "Didn't I put it down?" There was a smile on his lips. "What do you mean?" Caifu smiled bitterly: "The maidservant doesn't dare to talk.." Stand down first. She quickly retreated, Chen Xuanqing's hand trembled, and he clenched his hand to restrain it. Tsev saw it. If it goes on like this, anyone can see it. He himself found that he was not normal, after all, he did not know anything. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, he was much calmer. Far away from Muxitang, he looked at the silence of the ginkgo leaves blown down by the autumn wind in the distance. In fact, he knew that it should not be Gu Jinchao, if Gu Jinchao really wanted to harm him, then this matter will certainly be known to all. He has always valued his reputation, and usually abides by etiquette and does not touch himself with wine and women. If you want to destroy a person's self-esteem, isn't it fastest to start from the place he cares about most? But only my grandmother and father knew about it. And it was quickly controlled. In fact, he just wants to find an emotion to suppress himself. It doesn't matter what it is. It's best to hate her. But he knew in his heart that he could not hate it in any way. When Chen Xuanqing began to understand his feelings, he felt very frightened. From an early age, he never did anything out of line, nor did he allow his thoughts to go wrong. When several cousins began to talk to him about women, he felt that these things were too dirty, and he never disdained to be in cahoots. Unexpectedly, now, he has a hundred times more terrible idea than this. How can you not panic him! If Gu Jinchao had liked him, he would have liked her and married her. His mind doesn't have to be as complicated and confused as it is now. It was only when people were dismissive that he realized that he might. I kind of like her. How did he humiliate Gu Jinchao at the beginning, and now I think it's ridiculous. Although Gu Jinchao was bold and indiscreet at that time, she liked him. But as Gu Jin said today about Zhou Yixuan, 'It's just silly.'. Her one sentence completely negated her past. Stay away from Gu Jinchao in the future. Chen Xuanqing calmed down and continued to walk to the outer courtyard. Chapter 266: Doubts When Chen Xuanqing left, Gu Jinchao took out Cao Ziheng's letter to her and read it carefully. Cao Ziheng said in his letter that Gu Deyuan was greedy for ink. Compared with the concealment of the Third Master, he had to make it clear. Gu Deyuan was dragged into the water because Ying Tianfu Tongzhi had an accident and confessed him when he was tortured. Ying Tianfu Tongzhi had been an official for several years. He was corrupt and had done many unconscionable things because of corruption. Gu Deyuan, as the imperial censor of the Ducha yuan, shielded the Tongzhi of the government. Over the years, the Ducha yuan has not found the Tongzhi of the Tianfu government. It is also Gu Deyuan who secretly protects him. Knowingly, I'm afraid Gu Deyuan can't get away this time. Even if it is not a dismissal investigation, I am afraid it will be difficult to escape demotion. When Gu Deyuan knew that Fu Tongzhi had an accident, he first asked Feng to seek help from the Yao family, but Lord Yao did not have a deep foothold in the cabinet,Serum Bottle With Dropper, so it was not easy to help. And Changxing Hou family he did not think, Changxing Hou will not help him. Cao Ziheng estimated that he should also turn to Third Master Chen for help, but he did not know exactly what was going on. This Gu Jinchao did know that Third Master Chen had discussed with her yesterday.