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  • "True cultivator, ha ha." How dare you run to the sea of rioting stars? Oh, not bad. Your soul realm is almost in the late stage of plunder, and it is almost in the period of maturity. But a realist. Do you know that the strength of our fierce beast is similar to that of the mythical beast. I am the fierce beast of Dacheng period, equivalent to the divine beast of Dacheng period, and you. He is not even a true cultivator in Dacheng period. So, you're going to die. Said the dragon and the fierce beast proudly. Even the practitioners of Dacheng period are generally not rivals of the same level of gods and beasts, and the self-confidence of the dragon and fierce beasts is not unreasonable. Qin Yu had a smile on his lips: "Interesting, really interesting.". It seems to be true that the wisdom of fierce beasts in Dacheng period is equal to that of normal people. I've met a lot of fierce beasts, and you're the first one who talks so much. "How dare you speak to me like that? You want to die." The dragon and the fierce beast are angry. Immediately the dragon tail a swing, into a phantom all of a sudden to the side of Qin Yu. There was a flash of light in Qin Yu's eyes. Ring of the Black Emperor-Gravity Realm. The dragon beast felt as if it was suddenly pressed down by a mountain, and the unprepared dragon beast's movements were suddenly deformed. I can't help falling. With the strength of Qin Yu now triggered by the gravity field is indeed very powerful, but the dragon beast as a great period of the beast is still able to resist, this gravity field absolutely can not hurt the dragon beast. But "I don't want to hurt him,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, I just need a chance." The corners of Qin Yu's mouth turned up, and the whole person finally moved. Qin Yu moved at the moment when the dragon beast was unprepared to be crushed by gravity. Move like lightning! As a fierce beast in Dacheng period, Jiaolong fierce beast certainly reacts quickly. When it fell a short distance away from the field of gravity, see Qin Yu to kill, the dragon beast immediately looked at Qin Yu coldly. The true cultivator. Come on, let's die. The voice of Jiaolong sounded in Qin Yu's mind,Blue Bottle Serum, which was the sound of spiritual knowledge. It's just that Qin Yu has a meaningful smile on his face at the moment, which makes the dragon and the beast feel cold in their hearts. Hum, a true cultivator who has not reached Dacheng period, how can I be afraid of it as a fierce beast in Dacheng period? Dragon fierce beast self-consolation way, at the same time concentrate all attention to deal with Qin Yu. Almost there. Qin Yu has arrived. At the moment when Qin Yu approached the dragon and the fierce beast. Ah The best prepared state of the dragon beast was destroyed, as if it had been smashed down from the top by a mountain, and the dragon beast fell. The Ring of the Black Emperor-Gravity Realm. Qin Yu started the gravity field again at the last moment near Jiaolong. Poof! Qin Yu's dagger went directly to Jiaolong's abdomen. Because the dragon beast was affected by the gravity field at the beginning, the movement was deformed, and Qin Yu caught the gap, and blood flowed out of his abdomen. "The dragon beast roared. The crazy dragon beast ignored everything and grabbed Qin Yu directly, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, so that Qin Yu could be killed, while Qin Yu regarded the dragon's claws as nothing." Poo. Qin Yu's body is as hard as steel, as tough as snow silk, and the dragon claw only leaves a wound on Qin Yu's body. And what's even scarier. The wound, which was ten inches long, was completely healed in the blink of an eye. The dragon beast was also stunned to see this scene. At the moment when the dragon beast hurt Qin Yu. Qin Yu also made a killing move. Broken! Qin Yu's face was cold, his hands were tied with handprints, and he gave a cold drink. I saw the dagger of the immortal level turned into a streamer, passed through the abdominal wound of the dragon beast, and then directly pierced the head of the dragon beast. The sword contained in the dagger was shot out, strangling the soul of the Dragon beast. Just use the gravity field and my body. He killed a fierce beast in Dacheng period. I'm afraid the fierce beast of Dacheng Period can be compared with the scattered immortals of Wuliu Robbery. Qin Yu grabbed the inner alchemy and smiled faintly. Sanjie Sanxian is equivalent to the general immortal cultivator in Dacheng period. And the strength of the dragon beast in the Dacheng period is almost ten times as much as that of the ordinary immortal cultivator in the Dacheng period. It is also right to say that the dragon beast is equivalent to five or six scattered immortals. Qin Yu can kill him, the body's strong and terrible recovery ability is important, suddenly appear suddenly disappear, so that the other side's attack is always lost'gravity field 'is also very important. And all.. It is also a reason that the attack power is amazing. The three aspects add up, and it is normal for the fierce dragons and beasts to be killed in this period. If I refine the inner elixir of the fierce beast in the period of Dacheng, it is estimated that I can reach the middle period of crossing the plunder. "Qin Yu secretly calculated in his heart." Ok, today's task is over, and we will start to prepare for refining. Smiling, Qin Yu plunged into the sea of violent stars and traveled directly to the bottom of the sea. The depth of the riot star sea theory is much larger than that of the general sea area. Now Qin Yu's body is also very strong, Qin Yu directly into the depths of tens of thousands of meters, this is a dark canyon, the sun does not shine in, only some special luminous plants emit some faint light. Qin Yu controls yuan Ling's spirit, and as soon as his heart moves, a huge palace appears at the bottom of the sea, and Qin Yu himself naturally easily enters the interior of the palace. See only- The huge palace with blue light turned into a very ordinary undersea mountain range in an instant, which was no different from other undersea mountains. Inside the Qingyu Fairy Mansion. Sitting on a chaise longue in the back garden. Qin Yu drank a cup of Xianlu Ganquan and said to himself: "Qin Yu Xianfu's defense array ban is really good, the most basic illusion ban alone is very good.." Against the ban on the illusion arranged by the Central Immortal Emperor. Few people can see through it. Qingyu Xianfu is big, but compared with the almost boundless area of the riot star sea, it can be ignored at all. Any submarine canyon or a crevice of a submarine mountain range can be placed. With the ban of illusion, no one can see it at all. After drinking the sweet spring of amrita, Qin Yu sat cross-legged in the middle of the back garden. Qin Yu began to refine the inner alchemy of the fierce beast in Dacheng period. …… Qin Yu Dantian, the core of the planet'sun true nucleus' center is a flame, that is Qin Yu's star true fire,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, at the moment the star true fire completely turned into purple sky fire. With the improvement of Qin Yu's skill, the'true nucleus of the sun 'is also becoming bigger and bigger, and more and more parts of the planet in Qin Yu's Dantian have become'true nucleus of the sun'.