The charming

  • Ruyu and I walked back along the way we came, looking at both sides, hoping to find some traces of Zhang Yueshan and Zhang Guiren. The sky was getting darker and colder, and the clouds were shrouded in huge grey ink, and the grey sky was like a huge fishing net. Ruyu and I walked slowly all the way to look for it. Unconsciously, we had come to the depths of the plum forest in the imperial garden. Because it was just winter, the plum blossoms had not yet opened, and we could not even see a bud. The bare branches pointed straight to the dark sky. There was an open space in the forest with stone tables and benches for people to rest when they enjoyed the plum blossoms in winter. Summer was also an excellent place for summer. I felt really tired and tired, so I said to Ruyu, "Ruyu, I really can't walk any more. I've been looking for it for so long, but I still can't find it. I'm afraid.." I dare not go on. To tell you the truth, I also think so in my heart. You say, we have searched all along this road, how can we not even see a figure? It's really urgent. The imperial concubine, my concubines are all in a hurry. They all forget that you are a person with a body. You sit down and have a rest first. Then, you go back first. My concubines take a few servants and continue to look for them. I'll tell you as soon as I have a letter. The imperial concubine, what do you think? "I'm afraid that's the only way.". My body is getting heavier and heavier. I feel very tired after walking for a while. Oh, sit down first. Ruyu,Glass Cosmestic Containers, you can also sit down and have a rest. Ruyu and I sat down. It was getting darker and darker. The wind in Merlin was sobbing, like countless ghosts dancing beside me. I couldn't help hugging my body. What's going on? Sister, do you feel very cold? Ruyu asked with concern. No, it's a little spooky. I've never been in this Merlin so late! "Me, too. It's all in broad daylight. Don't say, it still feels spooky. Sister, I think we should get out of here quickly." "All right!" Just as I was getting up to leave,Oil Dropper Bottle, I suddenly noticed that there seemed to be a ghost fluttering in front of me, and my body was straight and moving with the wind. Ghost, there is a ghost! I gave a cry of surprise. Ruyu hurriedly stepped forward to support me and said, "Where can there be ghosts in this palace?"? I'm afraid my sister is really tired. I'll help her back to the palace. "No, Ruyu, I really saw a ghost ahead, you see, you see, there, there, straight, see?" I pointed to the shadow in front of me and let Ruyu look in the direction of my finger. Ruyu narrowed her eyes for a long time. Her eyes widened and she said, "Yes!"! Sister, there is really a straight ghost! "Am I right? Let's get out of here, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, let's get the hell out of here!" I was usually bold, but now in this quiet and gloomy Merlin, I began to shake, and my steps became much lighter, as if I was afraid that the sound of walking would disturb the ghost. Ruyu helped me walk out for a short distance. Suddenly she stopped and said, "Sister, I don't feel quite right. I've never heard of a ghost in Merlin before. Sister, do you think that ghost is Zhang Yueshan and Zhang Guiren?"? We've been looking for her in the palace for so long. If she's still alive, we'll find her. Will she? It's really a word that wakes up the dreamer. Why didn't I think it would be that Zhang Guiren? What Ruyu said is reasonable, it is very likely that it is Zhang Guiren, my God? If it were her, wouldn't she already. "Then let's go back and have a look, so as not to worry about it all the time." I said to Ruyu. Although I said so in my mouth, the fear in my heart was still there. I held Ruyu's hand tightly and felt the warmth of her palm. Then they crept towards the straight ghost. When we slowly approached the ghost, we did not see the ghost floating towards us. When we stood in front of the ghost, our eyes were bigger than the persimmons in autumn, because we found that it was a hanged female corpse with its back to us. We could not judge who it was for a moment, but I seemed to have seen the bright red palace dress somewhere. Where? By the way, I remember that Zhang Yueshan and Zhang Guiren wore it that day when they welcomed Gan's triumphant return to the palace, and that day they happened to wear the same color clothes as Empress Wu, which made Empress Wu unhappy for many days. Is this woman who hanged herself Zhang Yueshan and Zhang Guiren? I grasped Ruyu's hand more tightly, and my body began to tremble slightly. Sister, don't be afraid, I'm here! Said Ruyu. On weekdays, I always thought that Ruyu was a weak person, but I never thought that she had her own opinions and backbone at the critical moment. Ruyu patted my hand with her other hand and said, "Sister, wait here for a while. I'll turn her face around and see if it's Zhang Guiren." Ruyu stood still, took a deep breath, then went to the female corpse, gently pushed it, and the female corpse turned around. Zhang Guiren.. Zhang Yueshan. Ruyu and I screamed almost at the same time. A pale face like a charm, a red tongue exposed outside, a straight body, in an instant, my tears still flow down, although I usually hate her flattery, hate her flattery, but at the moment of seeing her body, I completely forgot her fault, only vaguely remembered her beautiful appearance when she first came to visit me in my palace. I vaguely remember the little foot I stepped on on the day of the draft. But now, at this moment, she has become a cold shell,oil dropper bottle, her soul has been buried forever by this hateful harem, a girl who is so energetic and yearning for success in the palace has been swallowed up. 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