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  • When the host introduced his information and began the bidding process, Yu Feng did not bid. On the contrary, the man in the dark red suit beside him has been following the price increase, each time five million more than others. Gu Ziang saw that he occasionally turned his head and whispered something to Yu Feng, with a teasing smile on his face. In fact, the bidding time was not long, because the man in the dark red suit beside Yu Feng did not follow the routine all the time, so soon he was the highest bidder. 120000000. Gu Ziang was surprised when he heard the number and felt that these people were so crazy that they were willing to spend so much money. Previously, he had thought that it would be fifty or sixty million yuan at most, but later someone saw that the man in the dark red suit was bound to win, and deliberately called a few more times before the price was raised. So much money.. What's not good to do? I have to buy a man who can have children. Gu Ziang sighed, and then someone came over and led him back to the backstage. Mr. Li, the auction is over. Final auction price: 120000000. The host said to the white coat. Yeah, I know. The white coat took a look at Gu Zi'ang, and his eyes showed a satisfied look. His first experiment was finally sold. The system over there is introducing to Gu Ziang: "This person is called Li Jinhui,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, who is the chief researcher of BL Group." Didn't he say I was his first successful experiment? So there are other researchers? Gu Ziang asked in his mind. Yes. Another man, Manny, has completed nine experiments. In fact, these messages were of no use to him. Gu Ziang quickly asked another question, which was closely related to himself: "What is my mission this time? You haven't said yet.". Do you still want to attack Yu Feng? But he didn't bid. Am I going to run away? The system hesitated for a moment and then said,cosmetic packaging wholesale, "No." I don't know what the mission is this time. "What?" Gu Ziang was so surprised that the system did not know the task? So what should he do? Speaking of, why doesn't Yu Feng bid? Why did he come to the auction room when he didn't bid? "This is your reward." Li Jinhui handed a check to Gu Ziang and a contract, "sign here and you can go." Gu Ziang hesitated for a moment and signed his name. Anyway, he decided to get out of here first. When he signed the contract, a middle-aged man knocked on the door and came in. He waited aside and said hello to Li Jinhui. Li Jinhui said, "The formalities will be ready soon. Thank you for waiting for a long time." "No hurry, no hurry. The young master asked me to take the young master back." "Mmm." Everything was handed over, and the time was just nine o'clock. Gu Ziang followed the middle-aged man out through a corridor, took the elevator downstairs, and finally arrived at the parking lot. Gu Ziang looked at the cars in the parking lot and confirmed that the world was indeed a little behind his original world. The cars here had to be driven by themselves, and the speed was not too fast. There were not many lanes, glass cream jars ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and it was very congested. It took half an hour to drive out of the busy area. The middle-aged man drove very intently and did not say much. Gu Ziang did not speak much, sitting quietly in the back seat, thinking about what to do next. The person who auctioned him was Ye Ershao, who was surnamed Ye in a dark red suit. Yu Feng knew clearly that he still let the auction of Ye succeed without stopping, let alone bidding. So did he still have to carry out the tasks received by the previous two worlds in this world? Gu Zi'ang was so confused that he couldn't make up his mind for a moment, so he had to take a look at the check and count the zeros on it silently. Ten million. Holding the check, Gu Ziang could not tell whether he should be happy or disappointed. Ten million is a lot, but compared with the auction price, it is less than one tenth. Gu Ziang was not a greedy man. He finally smiled and carefully collected the check. To be able to pay off his debts. Although he can't pay it off, he still has time and opportunity. By the way, he said he would reply to Peng Yue as soon as possible, but the person who photographed him was not Yu Feng, so. Can he still go out to work? Especially the actor industry. Gu Zi'ang thought of his sister again and asked the system: "Where is my sister?" She's at boarding school, and you see each other once a month. Sometimes when you get busy, you may only see each other once every two or three months. "So that's it." Gu Ziang breathed a sigh of relief, so he still had time to study how to meet his sister. The middle-aged man who was driving glanced at the quiet boy in the back seat from the rearview mirror and thought to himself that this was really a cute child. Little did they know that Gu Ziang was not cute at all in his mind. When the car slowed down, Gu Ziang glanced out of the window and saw a mid-level villa with warm lights flowing down, giving people a dreamlike feeling. The car drove in, the driver went down first, then opened the door and asked Gu Ziang to get off. Gu Ziang followed him through the courtyard and into the main hall of the villa. There were two people sitting in the living room drinking tea, one was Ye Ershao in a dark red suit, and the other was Yu Feng. Yu Feng was wearing a dark gray suit on the auction floor today, but now he had changed his clothes. It was a light gray home dress. He was sitting in the hall. When he saw them enter the door, he could not help raising his eyebrows. Then he looked doubtfully at Ye Ershao opposite. Ye Ershao turned his head and looked over. The middle-aged man bent slightly and said, "Young master, I have picked up young master Gu." "Well, please, Uncle Ann." Ye Ershao smiled and thanked him, then looked at Gu Ziang thoughtfully, "Come here." Gu Ziang took a deep breath and walked slowly over. He was wondering if he wanted to give the ten million yuan to Ye Ershao, and then said that he couldn't live with him and wanted to change his free body? Later, he shook his head in his heart. How could he let him go after spending so much money? However, in front of Yu Feng, he was standing beside him as a partner bought by Ye Ershao,Glass Cream Jars, which was really embarrassing! Besides, he can't accept it. But Ye Ershao smiled and said, "He belongs to you." Gu Ziang:?? 。 penghuangbottle.com