Battle of the dead

  • All along, Fan has seen a soul-sucking woman with dark purple hair and lips, dark gray eyes, dim skin, covered with golden scales, and eagle wings on her back. Although some strange and inhuman, but have to admit that she is still a great beauty with a variety of amorous feelings. But at this moment, the body of the soul-sucking woman suddenly pulled up, grew to nearly four meters before stopping, dark purple hair did not know when it had turned into a poisonous snake spitting snake letters, eyes suddenly became inorganic. I don't know if it's an illusion, even if it's just a glance at her, the soul has a kind of trembling stiffness. Remembering the legend of Medusa, Fan Du hesitated and said, "Did you mean that Medusa itself is a curse?" Guan Guan nodded, "Yes, unlike other people whose bloodlines are polluted by the main gods, the soul-sucking woman cursed the body at the beginning.". It can be said that since the exchange of this lineage, Medusa has become the curse itself. I want to get rid of the foul air that belongs to the Lord God in her body and keep the evil air of Medusa itself. After a pause, she looked at the soul-sucking woman and said, "Medusa's ability, you should want it, right?" "Yes, why not?" The soul-sucking woman doesn't want to go to the sidewalk. Although Medusa's ability is very dangerous, a carelessness will be manipulated by evil thoughts, but after so many years, she has no reason to give up. Guan Guan was not surprised. She took a deep breath and said to the soul-sucking girl, "Then I'll start." She turned to the devil and others and said, "Please cooperate with me." Medusa's situation is too much trouble without the help of demons. However, it was not without cost. This time, after purifying Medusa, she had to continue to purify others at one time. The devil and others nodded, and then all revealed the body. Dark short curly hair, two curved blood-red horns on the top of the head,gold shaking table, golden vertical pupils like wild animals, handsome and evil face, black wings on the back, the devil's appearance in their group can be regarded as eye-pleasing, the whole person is interpreting the charm of darkness. Comparatively speaking, the appearance of the blood demon is somewhat unsightly. He has long crimson hair, an ugly face like an evil ghost, a strong figure of nearly three meters, and twelve hands that are different from ordinary people, which makes it easy for people to associate him with monsters. As a vampire, the appearance of the blood shadow and the devil is not far behind, the same handsome evil charm, but his temperament is a little more elegant and untamed, black hair, red eyes, pale skin, but there is another kind of bloody evil beauty. Chapter 278 good news. When his eyes fell on the beast, gold heap leaching ,gold cil machine, Fan could not help but take a breath of cold air. To say that other people can still see traces of human beings, then the beast is completely non-human. The whole body of the beast was covered by black corneas, and only a bunch of hair remained on the lower half of the face and the back of the head. Her body was a huge beast with a head like a tiger, a body like a lion, a long tail like a steel whip, and bone wings on its back. Why is she a monster? Because at this moment, she almost occupies most of the position of purifying the magic array. Even so, according to Guan Guan, the figure she will reveal is only one in ten million. The Star Beast is a very rare interstellar creature, born in a black hole, which is not easy to encounter. Or some people have seen it, but the interstellar beasts are tyrannical by nature, and few people can leave them alive. Some of the lucky ones probably don't recognize it, but think they've met a planet. Guan Guan explained. Just then, the beast roared to the sky, and at that moment, the whole carefree space was shaking, as if the mountains, rivers, sun and moon were going to be swallowed up. Beast, restrain yourself a little. Guan Guan gave a warning. Then he took out the gold pen of creation and began to engrave it on the four demons-the purification magic array had been changed by Guan Guan. At this time, the purification function was turned off, but the imprisonment function was fully opened. This is actually aimed at several demons, and Guan Guan is worried that their instinctive reaction will be bad. When the divine text on the beast was carved, Guan Guan raised his hand and clapped it, and the divine power rushed into the divine text respectively. The next moment, the divine text was bright, and the dirty air in the four bodies began to move. Blood shadow's face is suffocated red, this taste is really uncomfortable, usually they can not feel the dirty gas, this will be triggered by the divine text, but like cramps can hurt people to death. Just then, the foul air on the body of the soul-sucking woman began to be aroused and scattered to the four demons. Even if this is expected, four people also instinctively want to fight back, but also fortunately was imprisoned by the array. In this way, more and more dirty gas is stripped from the body of the soul-sucking woman, while the dirty gas on the body of the demons is more and more. When there was no foul air left on the soul-sucking woman, Guan Guan lifted his feet and walked up to her. "Are you ready?" He asked. The soul-sucking girl felt so bad that she collapsed in pain. But she gritted her teeth and said, "Let's start!" If you want to completely strip the Medusa bloodline from the soul-sucking woman, you can't open the purification magic array, so you can only use another way. The technical term is somewhat complicated, but to put it simply, it is raw tear! The eyes of creation opened, Guan Guan stretched out his hands covered by divine power, grabbed Medusa, and grabbed a wisp of gray and purple breath from her body. Medusa began to tremble with pain, but she did not cry out. Care under the admiration, the hands are no mercy, again and again will be stripped out of the Medusa bloodline. The process was a little long, until finally Medusa could not bear to scream, her throat was hoarse, and the last breath was separated by Guan Guan. At this moment, the gray and purple breath has gathered into the shape of Medusa, and the soul-sucking woman has become a blonde beauty, although the beauty will be wet with sweat and look a little embarrassed. Guan Guan stuffed the Medusa Tuan Bar into the bottle and threw it to the soul-sucking woman. The next moment,tin beneficiation plant, Fan Du sent her to the Pengdu Yuyu tree. Turn around to see the devil and others this will be in a bad state, Guan Guan did not care about anything else, hurriedly opened the purification magic array began to purify them collectively.