The struggle The struggle

  • After the August Revolution, Denikin and Kornilov organized "volunteers" loyal to the provisional government in the North Caucasus and became commander of the "volunteers" in July 1977. And began to establish the military dictatorship of the landlord bourgeoisie in the areas where they were entrenched. When Alexei attacked the Soviet regime in 1998, Denikin echoed him. After the Tsar's army crossed the Urals, Denikin divided his forces into three groups to capture Sevastopol and Tsaritsyn. On July 3, Denikin issued an order to attack Moscow, and even occupied Tula in the middle of July C, which was only 2 kilometers away from Moscow, even closer to Moscow than the Czar's army. Although the army loyal to the provisional government was closer to Moscow, in the view of senior Soviet officials such as Umyanov, the greatest threat came from the Czar's army in Kazan and the Chinese, and it was in this case that the top Red Army officials made a strategic decision to go east first and then south. At the same time, Uyanov issued a call in Pravda that "everything is for the eastern front" and "the puppet Alexei must be smashed with all his strength.". The southern front was always in a passive defense, until the defeat of the Czar's White Bandit Army in Kazan, the Red Army began to draw a large number of troops from Kazan to fight south, only a little more than a month, has won a decisive victory! "Ulla!" The Red Army officials who heard the news roared excitedly,tin beneficiation plant, accompanied by the music in the record player, the officials picked up the female soldiers in uniform and danced like crazy, as if only in this way could they vent their excitement at this time, God knows that they had been in fear for half a year. If the bloody czar or the provisional government wins the war, what will be waiting for them! There is only one.. Gallows! Just as Alexei's army set out from Irkutsk, wherever the guards passed, all those suspected of collaborating with the Soviets,chrome washing machine, the wounded of the Red Army, Jews and Orientals were executed, and thousands of people were hanged from poles and trees along the Siberian Railway. No one wants to end their life on the gallows. Many of them join the Social Labour Party partly to change their lives, not to seek death. God knows they haven't enjoyed enough of their privileges. Two months ago, the Red Army defeated the Czar, and now it has defeated Denikin. The sword of Damus, which has been hanging over their hearts, can finally be put down. Comrade Vorodag! We should dedicate to this great victory of the Red Army and try to increase the coal mine to 8 this month! After the initial revelry, a stout and gruff officer suggested, "a tribute to victory is now a catchphrase on Russian soil." To celebrate Kazan's victory, workers at the Tula Arsenal set a new record of 38 rifles a day last month. It is already April 5, mineral flotation ,Carbon in Pulp, and now the counter-revolutionaries need to work 14 hours a day to reach the present output. By August, it is almost 5% more than last month. I am worried.. More people will die! Another officer raised his concern that although bayonets and bullets can improve people's motivation, they have now reached the limit, and nearly three counter-revolutionaries and Chinese prisoners of war in the coal mine have exhausted their efforts. "Food!"! Now there are twenty coal digging teams in the prisoners of war. They are divided into four groups. The first one in each group can get the food of the last one! Uh! Half of the food, the second place can get half of the food of the fourth place, and the third place needs to give one third of the food to the first and second place! No laborer, no food! Don't they need food? Then let them use their own work to exchange, each group of coal digging team this month must complete the output of 8, if the bottom of this output, the whole team of 150 people shot together! After thinking for a few minutes, Volodag made a decision. As for how many people would die, Volodag did not mind. Russia has never been short of reactionaries. As Comrade Umyanov once said, "The Social Labour Party never imagined that it would win the support of the majority of the people!" As long as there is a bayonet to support it! "The ladies and ladies in the big cities are still beautiful!" Facing the female soldiers like prostitutes in the office, Volodag felt a little bored when he saw their appearance. Damn it! Why don't you imprison those capitalists, aristocratic ladies and ladies here! Leaving the damn Kinaru Coal Mine, which is located close to the Arctic Circle, is the only thing Volodag has wanted to do since he was sent here. No one wants to stay with those damned counter-revolutionaries in such a desolate place for a lifetime. The fundamental premise of leaving here is to let their achievements enter the vision of their superiors, just like the substantial increase in production, only in this way can they leave this damn place. Comrade Commander! Moscow telegram! Just then the telegraph operator came into the office with an urgent telegram from Moscow in his hand. The streets of the capital can already see a bit of spring, the streets have not seen those wearing thick cotton, overcoats of passers-by, the warm spring sunshine makes the streets of the capital more and more lively, it seems that there is no change in the capital, except for the Forbidden City. Coming out, the Forbidden City, once a centuries-old imperial forbidden place, may be the place where nothing seems to have changed. The North Trading Company, located at No.75, Da'er Hutong, the second district outside the capital, has been the focus of the investigation department since its listing. On the surface, Bamiev, the manager of the trading company, is a Russian doing business in China. Although only a few people know his identity as a spokesman for the interests of Soviet Russia, he is actually a Soviet spy in China. Today, the door of the trade center is closed. And the observation station set up by the investigation department nearby does not seem to be as concerned as it used to be. It seems that there is no difference between here and usual. …… Peace talks are possible! But there is a precondition, if this condition can not be met, I think we do not need to resume peace talks! The bodies of the fallen officers and soldiers of the expeditionary force must be returned unconditionally,coltan ore processing, and all the captured border guards must be released at the same time! If we do not get a satisfactory answer, the peace talks will never start, and the bombing of Russia by the Border Air Force will not stop. 。