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  • "Shall we stay in Lanqi Mountain and not go anywhere?" Shang Yun said slightly down the eyes, delicate fingers lifted Qi Xiu's clothes gently shaking, seems to have some shy meaning. Touching the cold temperature, the handsome boy's eyes flashed a complex look, and his thin lips were bitter. He reached out his hand and gently stroked the girl's delicate cheek, and responded, "I also like little white clouds." I like the kind I like very much. The girl in front of him heard his confession and grinned, but in the next second, the teenager's eyes were shining, and he raised his hand to hit the girl's chest heavily. "Shang Yun" screamed in panic, and then disappeared like a cloud. The appearance of the surrounding Blue Qi Mountain is also disappearing bit by bit, Qi Xiu dejectedly put down his hand, eyes slightly red. From the very beginning, he knew how Shang Yun could stay by his side, how her eyes would always follow Cheng Qi'an, and how she could put everything down and go back to Lanqi Mountain. Too bad it's all fake. When the illusion faded, the surroundings returned to darkness, and when Qi Xiu woke up, he found that all the people around him had disappeared! Suddenly the voice of Du Zixin came out of his ear. He was shouting the name of the bobcat! Du Zixin's condition is not much better, when he saw the familiar figure suddenly jumped out in front of him, he followed up without saying a word, how could he admit his mistake with the round figure of the bobcat! He had teased her about being round like a ball before, but he forgot to tell her that he liked her even if she was fat like a bear. Bobcat, come home with me. The orange dumpling in the distance had its back to him, but Du Zixin knew it was the bobcat. Won't your conscience hurt if you leave me here? The orange cat turned its back to him, and the beautiful female voice was indeed a bobcat. Happy and anxious, Du Zixin rushed straight to hug her. When he touched the hair dumpling with both hands, the orange cat in front of him suddenly turned around, revealing a ferocious and horrible cat face and rushed at his blood-covered fangs! Du Zixin looked at her with a painful expression, and at the moment when the fangs were about to pierce his neck, a light blade directly split the bobcat's head in half. Qi Xiujun stood behind Du Zixin with a sullen face. He quickly dragged up the man squatting on the ground and looked at the bobcat crying in pain at his feet. The young man's eyes became colder and colder: "She is not a bobcat." Du Zixin trembled all over, and his eyes were full of pain: "Where is she? It's all my fault. It's all my fault.". "I lost her, I lost her.." Qi Xiu's face was still cold and calm, and his tone softened slightly: "After breaking the illusion, we will find her soon." Chapter 57 The surrounding environment inadvertently changed, heavy duty racking system , and Cheng Qi'an took Shang Yun behind him and protected him from the interference of fantasy. And he had to break through the illusion in front of him to open the way to the laboratory. A light slowly appeared in the darkness in the distance, and a person came from the halo. Cheng Qi'an silently watched her approach step by step. The young girl monk cloud looks like the same, the thin body only wore a thin dress, the white body like jade was hidden under the gauze. Seeing the dress of the person in front of him, Cheng Qi'an frowned lightly. "Shang Yun" is getting closer and closer to him, gently leaning on him, with a soft voice that seems to have no charm: "Mr. Cheng, can I hug you?" The girl's innocent words are very similar to the real Shang Yun, Cheng Qi'an looks at her with an expressionless face, the whole person seems to be fixed in place. Seeing that he did not respond, the man in front of him became bolder and reached out his hand to cover his chest, and his weak and boneless hand touched his body like a dragonfly. With a sullen face, Cheng Qi'an's hand at his side began to concentrate on himself. Shang Yun in the fantasy is very similar to the real one, only her body is cold, the girl is like a water snake sticking to his chest, and her red lips will fall on the man's face. In the next second, Cheng Qi'an's forbearance between his eyebrows faded, and he pulled out the hidden long knife at a very fast speed without hesitation and stabbed the girl's back directly from behind. In an instant, the woman's shrill scream sounded in his ears! "Shang Yun" face has been distorted, looking at the man in front of him in pain, ferocious face full of disbelief. Cheng Qi'an looked indifferent to withdraw the long knife, and the light around him dispersed and fell into darkness again. When everything returned to normal, Cheng Qi'an found that Shang Yun disappeared beside him at the moment of breaking the illusion. At the same time when Cheng Qi'an entered the fantasy world, Shang Yun in the boundary was also aware of the changes around her. She saw Mr. Cheng stepping into a chaos. Before she could say the words of surprise, she suddenly noticed that there was a faint light not far away. As the light and shadow grew bigger, she saw a monster standing there. It was the monster that had fought with Qi Xiu not long ago! When he saw what the lynx was holding in his hand, Shang Yun suddenly froze in place, his charming little face was pale, and his thin body trembled uncontrollably. It was the bobcat that the monster was holding in his hand! She saw that the strong and heavy iron chain was tightly wrapped around the bobcat's neck, and the round hair ball was now full of scars, and the orange hair was stained with blood. Sister Bobcat! "Shang Yun cried out in grief and rushed uncontrollably in that direction, leaving the boundary laid by Cheng Qi'an.". In the distance, Ren Fei smiled and looked at the scarred bobcat crawling on the ground with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. When he brought back the bobcat, he thought it was foolproof, but the cunning woman put it together. That night, the bobcat clip added poison to the lynx's dish. Until now, his eyes can't see normally, and there is always a white fog blurring his vision. Knowing that this little monster had poisoned himself, Ren Fei's tactics to deal with the bobcat were also very ruthless, and he ignored Li Yan's dissuasion and directly pulled all the spiritual power out of her body. The pain of being deprived of spiritual power is not something that ordinary monsters can bear. Before that, many monsters lost their minds because of the forced deprivation of spiritual power. Their later results were generally solved by Li Yan. As long as an injection was used, they could calm down and lose their heartbeat.