just a little strange

  • On the eleventh day, Chen Caozhi and Xie Daoyun, Xie Xuan, Xu Miao and Liu Shangzhi visited Chen's manor. See Chen's nearly two hundred hectares of fertile farmland, vertical and horizontal ditches, connected to the irrigation of the holy lake of the Ming Dynasty, when the terrain is high and low, the waterwheel is used to divert water. This kind of waterwheel is divided into two kinds, single or double trampling, using the wheel axle and trough plate, the water level can be raised to a high place, which is very convenient. This kind of waterwheel was first seen in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is said that Zhuge Liang improved the waterwheel. Because there are many mountains in But it was rare to see in the three States of Wu. Chen Caozhi drew a figure to explain the principle and asked the craftsmen to make it. Feng Mengxiong, the county magistrate of Qian Tang, had ordered the craftsmen to make two hundred waterwheels to prepare for the need of early resistance. Qian Tang, like Kuaiji, had only had two light rains and one heavy snow since August last year, and the drought was spreading. Xie Daoyun was careful, and when he saw that some fields had greenhouses and farmers were busy, he asked Chen Caozhi why? Chen Caozhi said, "That is an experimental field. We are cultivating fine rice seeds. It is estimated that the rice in Chen's manor can be planted twice a year this year. After the second season of rice is harvested, there will be time to plant wheat." Xie Daoyun's slender eyes widened and he exclaimed, "If Chen Jiawu goes on like this, he will be as rich as a country.". Chen Caozhi said, "If the experiment is successful,Drive in racking system, the harvest per mu will not be low. If Xie's manor wants rice seeds, I, Chen, will hand them over.". And sent the old farmer in the village to guide the sowing. Xie Daoyun smiled and looked at the fields by the Mingsheng Lake. He said, "Zi Chong is really amazing. Seeing that Xu Miao, Liu Shangzhi and the others were far away, they suddenly pressed their voices and asked," Zi Chong, your sister-in-law knows I'm a woman? " Chen Caozhi does not answer "rhetorical question!"! When did brother Yingtai reveal the truth carelessly? Xie Daoyun remembered the first time he and Chen Caozhi went back to Shangyu from Wujun. Went to Ding's villa to pay a visit to Ding Youwei,Pallet rack upright, that time Ding Youwei's expression was different, it seemed that she was already aware that she was a woman, and then saw Ding Youwei several times. Ding Youwei's attitude towards her was obviously not as taboo as that towards other young men. When Chen Caozhi saw Xie Daoyun frowning, he said with relief, "It doesn't matter if my sister-in-law knows. She won't tell anyone about it.". Xie Daoyun hesitated for a moment and asked, "What did your sister-in-law say to you?" Of course, Chen Caozhi could not tell Xie Daoyun about the conversation with his sister-in-law that day. He shook his head and said, "My sister-in-law is just a little strange. She didn't ask much." Xie Daoyun took a look at Chen Caozhi. Chen Caozhi turned his head and looked at the sunset glow of Mingsheng Lake in the distance. Xie Daoyun knew that Chen Cao's words were endless. A little thought, some of the cheeks of the powder to start hot, turned toward Xu Miao and others to walk. On the twelfth day of the first lunar month, Chen Caozhi said goodbye to his elder and sister-in-law Ding Youwei and set foot on the road to Xifu. Zongzhi and Runer were all in tears. Although Ding Youwei was smiling, she was reluctant to give up. Xiaolang was also her inner dependence. Affection and courtesy, well, that's it. Years ago, when Laide resigned from the Xifu examination engineer Cao, the examination engineer Cao reported to the army Sima and ordered Laide to serve in Xifu for three years. Three years later can be dismissed to return home, when the military government will have a reward, Pallet rack beams ,radio shuttle racking, so this time to Germany with Chen Caozhi to go to the aunt who, his son to the tiger head is not yet full moon, green branches hold son to send, is really reluctant to part. Chen Caozhi told Chen Mo and Chen Tan to take Zongzhi with him when he went to Wu Jun at the end of the month. Zongzhi was thirteen years old and should also travel to study and make friends. Dr. Xu Zao and Xu Miao were still waiting for Feng Lingbo to give birth in Feng Fu. At that time, Chen Du, Chen Tan and Chen Zongzhi just returned to Wu Jun School with Dr. Xu Zao. Chen Caozhi said goodbye to the prostitute Ding Youwei and said, "Sister-in-law, I'm going now. Take care of yourself, sister-in-law. I'll come back at the end of the year to take sister-in-law, Zongzhi and Runer to Jiankang." Ding Youwei nodded, took Xiao Chan's hand and said to Chen Caozhi, "Caozhi, treat him well.". Xiao Chan bowed her head and said shyly, "My wife knows that Xiao Lang is very kind to Xiao Chan." Liu Shangzhi came from Liujiapu to join Chen Caozhi, Xie Daoyun and Xie Xuan. Liu Shangzhi went to Wuxing from Jiankang to review the soil. Gillian left in Beijing, and this time to Beijing. With his wife, Zhong Shi, and his three-year-old son. Xiao Chan remembered what Gillian had said to her that time. Liu Shang was on his wife's way to Beijing. Her good days with Gillian were not long. After crossing the river at noon, he went to Ding's villa to pay his respects to Ding Yi and Ding Licheng. He said goodbye to Ding Chunqiu. Ding Chunqiu would not go to Yangzhou until the end of the month. Ding Licheng is going to Chenjiawu tomorrow to say goodbye to his sister Ding Youwei, and then he will go back to the distant profit after the birthday of Emperor Tianguan. With a single carriage and five followers, he will go early and stay overnight. It will take more than two months to return to Wuyang County, the profit state. When Ding Yi sent Chen Caozhi and the others out of the manor, he said to Chen Caozhi, "Caozhi, your sister-in-law Youwei has only one elder brother, Licheng.". But as an official far away in Shu, it was rare for him to come back once. He was afraid that Zongzhi would marry his wife and Runer would marry in the future. Li Cheng can't come back, if Li Cheng can find a job in a county in Yangzhou and Jiangzhou, isn't it good? If you hold it by chance, you can pay attention to Yihui on behalf of Licheng. Chen Caozhi nodded and said, "Uncle Ding is right. Caozhi will pay attention." Chen Caozhi and others went to the county seat to say goodbye to Feng Mengxiong, Xu Zao and Xu Miao. They rested overnight in the county seat and set off for the capital the next morning. This time there were many chariots and horses. Chen Caozhi side has ran sheng and his sergeant 21 people, to the German and Chen's private soldier seven people, and small Chan and Huang Xiaotong, Shen Chiqian and 20 series also with Chen Caozhi into the capital, Xie's sister and brother and their servants with about 30 people, Liu is worth more than a person, a total of nearly 100 people, quite vast. During the night break in Yuhang. Liu Shangzhi asked Chen Caozhi with a smile, "Zizhong, shall we make a detour to Huating this time?" "Go to Wujun via Jiaxing," said Chen Caozhi. Xie Daoyun took a look at Chen Caozhi, slightly surprised, and tasted tea by himself. Young Shen Chiqian did not know what his teacher was thinking. He suggested, "You don't have to go through Wu County to go to your aunt. You can save hundreds of miles by going to Wuxing County on the south bank of Taihu Lake." "Chang Kang is waiting for me in Wujun," said Chen Caozhi. "I'll invite him to the capital." After a pause, he added, "Miss Jieshi wants to go to the capital on the same way." Liu Shangzhi laughed a little. He said, "I'm wondering why Zizhong didn't go to Huating. So that's it. Ha ha." Chen Caozhi said to Xie Daoyun and Xie Xuan, "Brother Yingtai and Youdu, what do you think of them?" Xie Xuan understood the meaning of Chen Caozhi's question. If his sister and brother didn't want to go with Lu's girl, they could go to Wuxing. Xie Xuanfeng's eyes narrowed slightly. "Zi Chong has scruples," said Xin. "Why do you have scruples?". Isn't it because of the elder sister? Zi Chong still can't regard his elder sister as just one of his friends. Just as she was opening her mouth, the elder sister beside her,Steel racking system, Xie Daoyun, said lightly, "Youdu and I are going all the way to Wuxing." 。 omracking.com