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  • I took two puffs of my cigarette quietly, but I saw the black men next to me looking at me. I smiled, took out my cigarette and threw it over. This time, although the language was not clear, everyone understood what I meant, and everyone took out a cigarette to smoke. Although a box of cigarettes was quickly divided and not enough, it was normal for three or four people to take turns smoking a cigarette. Moreover, smoking at this time is not to satisfy the addiction to smoking, but to use this method to relax the spirit of these soldiers. Even Tu didn't stop me from doing this, despite the smoke of cigarettes in the compartment of the bus with all the windows closed. Very soon. There was a shrill sound of sirens on the road, and then a police car roared across the road in front of us. Towards Ye Huan's base camp. The efficiency of the police is still very high. "These policemen are doomed to run away for nothing." Yang smiled: "Ye Huan won't let the police into his own territory, and he also has local forces as the backstage." Sure enough, after about half an hour, the police came out of Ye Huan's club, and this time the siren did not sound, but drove quickly towards the city. It can be expected that. These policemen must have had a little trouble with Ye Huan's men outside the club. I reported a false case, and Ye Huan's territory. I'm sure my men don't want the police to go in and check. In the end, perhaps Ye Huan used some means to make the police retreat. It was quiet for a while. I looked at the time. It was about another hour. Then I dialed the phone again,Pallet rack supplier, and this time it was still an alarm call. Hello "Hello, a large-scale armed fight broke out in the eastern suburb of xxxxxxxxx!"! There are dozens of people fighting with knives and guns! Come on! Pow! I hung up the phone again. As a result, less than twenty minutes later, a large number of police cars came again and ran towards Ye Huan's base camp. Only this time, they went faster and came back faster. I watched several police cars drive slowly in front of me, and when they passed our road, a cigarette butt flew out of one police car. Yang Wei picked up the phone,Warehouse storage racks, dialed the number, said a few words inside, and then said: "Well, Hansen said it was OK.". The police have left. Looked at me, Yang Wei sighed: "Your move can be some Yin damage, but this is a serious violation of the law waste of police force!" " "However, the effect is that the police have decided that this is a false report.". Tonight, as long as we don't make too much noise here, even if someone calls the police again, the police will not come. "Let's do it," I said lightly. All the Negroes were clothed in camouflage and their faces painted. There are two disciplines in this operation: First, fire indiscriminately! For anyone on the other side who may pose a threat, you can shoot! Second, pipe cantilever rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, do not abandon the companion, even the dead companion is not allowed to leave the body! I gave these two orders in a voice without any emotion, and Tu was responsible for translating my words to these people. These killers in Africa, they are used to this kind of bloody work in Africa, and even the slaughter of a tribal village is often a common thing. So "indiscriminate firing" this This command did not seem strange to them. The only thing is the order "do not give up your companion, even the corpse of your companion". The night is blurred, the outline of the huge Zijin Mountain is faint in the night, in the surrounding lush woods, one by one lurking shadows slowly approaching, in the middle of an isolated green lawn, is an empty stone square, there are parking lots, fountains, and several buildings with not too high floors, of which the highest one is only a ten-storey building. Ye Huan's casino and office are on it. You can tell by the empty parking lot. Now Ye Huan's business in this club has stopped. Presumably, the clubs and casinos enjoyed by the rich inside are temporarily closed. At the recent special moment, Ye Huan had to do the same. It's easier for us to do it. Inside, on the ground. From time to time, two Ye Huan men in overcoats passed by, holding flashlights in their hands, and occasionally shining around twice. In terms of orientation, several hidden commanding heights around are equipped with security monitoring cameras. But all these things were left to Tu to solve. Intrepid Tu. Like a ghost, he quickly took care of several nearby cameras and fixed the image so that the surveillance personnel in the room would not find anything wrong. Yang Wei and I lurked down behind a small hillside, and then did a tidying up, more than 100 people, quickly separated out 30 people as the periphery of the rescue personnel. The other seventy people were careful to feel inside. Tu solved the peripheral camera, and then quietly came to my side: "Boss, they are too bad.". In such a complex environment, installing those electronic instruments is far less effective than keeping two dogs. At least, I can't kill a few dogs in an instant without making any noise. "屠 . My enemy is just a gang of gangsters. Although it is already the most powerful underworld here. But after all, they are not armies, nor are they the camps of mercenaries you meet. Otherwise. Do you think I would dare to bring only a hundred people here? According to my prediction, the other party should have about two hundred people here. Poof, poof, poof. There was a rapid succession of gunshots breaking the silence! But under the silencer, under the series of muffled gunfire, only the guards who fell down quickly outside, the loudest sound was the sound of a guy's flashlight falling to the ground. The movements of these African mercenaries are very keen, and the two bodyguards at the door are next to the electronic door. Before he could make a sound, his neck was broken and the body was dragged into the room. Separate a group of people. Look for a place in the square to guard, and others enter the building. Also,Narrow aisle rack, have Hanson standing by, ready to shoot. He's the only sniper we have right now. What I said before was to Tu, and what I said after was to Yang Wei. omracking.com