Novel Paradise

  • As soon as Sula and the ocean left Ye Yinzhu's arms, they immediately escaped, and the two women's faces were red with shame, and they did not even dare to look at each other. But the happiness in my heart is spreading in the thick. Whether it is the ocean or Sula, when they were young, they had suffered misfortune. After marrying Ye Yinzhu, they realized their true happiness. Feeling that the two women did not run far, Ye Yinzhu sat in the main seat and closed his eyes. Although he was about to face an important battle, he was in a very good mood now. Being with the person he loves makes him no longer have any worries. Although the three tribes of orcs are powerful, he has no worries at all. In the heart sends out a call, the light milky white light releases from his body, a tall purple figure appears quietly in front of Ye Yinzhu. Yin Zhu, are you looking for me? Purple face as calm as ever, is still so cool. Ye Yinzhu stopped laughing with his wife and said in a deep voice, "Let's go to Thor's Hammer Fortress tonight." Purple was stunned for a moment, and then immediately understood through the soul connection between herself and Ye Yinzhu. The divine light in his eyes suddenly fluctuated violently. His fists were clenched before he knew it. Okay,Narrow aisle rack, when do we leave? "After dinner," said Ye Yinzhu. Marshal Maldini will certainly entertain us, but this is a military fortress, the scale of the banquet will not be too large, the time should not be long. We'll leave after dinner. Purple nodded and said, "Do you need me to prepare anything?" Ye Yinzhu shook his head and said, "No,Cantilever Storage rack, don't let anyone know first. I don't want everyone to worry." "Good," said Ziyan with a brief and concise chin. Small! Say !txt! God . Don Chapter 237 sneaking into Quake Fortress (Part 1). Yin Zhu paused for a moment and said, "Zi, I have a bad news to report. Be prepared.". The teleportation array we left in Quake Fortress last time is gone. That is to say, we can't rely on the law array to enter the fortress. When lightning and thunder break cocoons into butterflies, their original abilities disappear. So, we have to sneak in from the front. Purple thought for a moment and said, "I'll go into the city first, and then I'll send you in." Ye Yinzhu smiled and said, "No, let's act together.". Even if we are really discovered, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Industrial pallet rack, who can stop us? This is the first time that the teleportation array has failed. Needless to say, it should also be related to the Forbidden Demon Realm in Quake Fortress. Now is wartime, the fortress defense must be extremely tight, but even so, Ye Yinxiu and purple also did not see the defense of Thor's hammer fortress in the eyes. Time passed quickly, Ye Yinzhu practiced for an afternoon, although now he has reached the biggest bottleneck in the process of practice, but the daily practice is still essential. Phil Jackson once told him that cultivation is a process of constant breakthrough. If you want to break through the bottleneck, you need to accumulate constantly. When the quantitative change reaches a certain level, qualitative change will occur. Without the usual accumulation, how can there be a strong breakthrough? Therefore, Ye Yinzhu never stopped practicing for a day. As Ye Yinzhu expected, when the evening came, Marshal Maldini sent someone to invite Ye Yinzhu and all the senior generals of Qin City to attend the welcome dinner. Ye Yinzhu naturally would not refuse the enthusiasm of the northern legion, and all the legion headquarters in Qincheng arrived. The City of Light is a military fortress. There are no magnificent palatial buildings here, and almost all of them are related to fortifications. Just like Ye Yinxiu, they are now coming to this grand banquet hall. The house is no more than five meters high, all of which are the most solid granite structures. Ye Yinzhu believed that if the tables in front of him were removed and replaced with sand tables, it would immediately become a frontline headquarters. The Maldini brothers and nearly 100 senior generals of the Northern Legion welcomed the arrival of the Qin City generals with the highest military etiquette. There are twenty tables at the banquet. There are no delicacies, all simple and practical food. It is the style of a soldier to eat meat and drink wine. When you see the food on the table. The affection of the people of Qin City for the Northern Legion of Milan has greatly increased, the most obvious of which is naturally the most famous super eater Gelasius of Qin City. In Qin City, Ye Yinzhu strictly restricted the food of Gelasius. Although the food he ate every day was still terrible, it was much less than that in the Kingdom of Flo. Of course, in return, Ye Yinzhu would play Peiyuan Meditation Song to the four mythical beasts every day. So that Gelasius will not be reduced by hunger. So. When Gelasius saw so much food, he asked Marshal Maldini almost immediately, "Old man, are you full?" The generals around Maldini almost rioted because of Gelasius's words. He was stopped by Maldini. Even though Gelasius is now in human form, who is Maldini? Of course, he felt that the big bald head in front of him was the horse that Ye Yinzhu had ridden when he came to Shengguang City before, and was also one of the four mythical beasts in Qin City. He doesn't want his own people to get in trouble. With a slight smile, he said, "Of course I'm full.". Here we are. The brothers of Qin City regard it as their own home. Our northern legion can't guarantee anything else. It's no problem to eat. Gelasius grinned. "Then I'm relieved.". Old man. You're a good man. After listening to the words of Gelasius, the generals of Qin City could not help rolling their eyes, and secretly said in their hearts, I'm afraid that as long as they can feed you, you will feel that they are good. Maldini paid no attention to the words of Gelasius. Make a gesture of invitation to Ye Yinzhu, "Brothers from Qin City,long span shelving, please take a seat.". There's nothing good in the city of light. But enough wine and meat. Everyone can drink freely. Ye Yinzhu and Maldini sat together in the first place. No matter the people of the Northern Legion or the people of Qin City, they were all military generals. Naturally, they would not be polite. They drank and ate at once.