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  • Original title: Origin of the "Five-storey Building" Prospecting Model The author searched many network and geological business books, watched the team annals of a unit, interviewed many geological predecessors, and found that they had a high evaluation of the "five-storey" model and the "five-storey + basement" as a prospecting model, which was praised as "the pioneer of the world's prospecting model". But the "five-storey" model is formed by summing up the laws of which mine? Which unit does it come from? Which geological senior engineers? When did this theory take shape? Network Books do not express it, and many people do not know it. The author recently solved this "mystery" from the letters of a senior geologist. The "five-storied building" model is derived from the vertical spatial variation law of veinlet belt deposit veins summarized by the geologists of the 909 Team during the exploration of the Piaotang Tungsten Mine in 1965, namely: downward variation: ① surface line vein belt — ② veinlet belt — ③ mixed belt of veinlet and large vein — ④ large vein belt — ⑤ single large vein (inserted into granite). According to the above law, the surface is a mineralization marker zone without industrial value and develops downward into a concealed industrial ore body, which broadens the horizon for geologists to prospect on the surface, and the summary of this law has enlightening significance for finding industrial tungsten ore bodies. "Five-layer zone division" ( "five-layer zone division" was first used by geologists of 909 Team) was put forward by two geological technicians of 909 Team, Zhu Yanling and Lu Xianrong, who wrote a paper on the law summarized in the prospecting practice of Piaotang Tungsten Mine. At that time, Piaotang Tungsten and Tin Mine was known as the treasure house of tungsten minerals and the model of the "five-storey" structure of tungsten mines, which was of great scientific significance to tungsten mineralogy and ore deposit science. In March 1966,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, the State Science and Technology Commission held the "Gannan Tungsten Mine Geological Work Site Conference" in Dayu, Jiangxi Province. On behalf of the 909 Team, Wu Yongle (then the chief engineer of the 909 Team and later the vice-chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference) read out the paper "Experience in Revealing the Distribution Law of Mineral Resources by Using the Method of Structural System Analysis". The representatives of 932 Metallurgical Geology Team of Guangdong Province also attended the meeting. Its representative also made a speech: According to the law summarized by the 909 team, they were guided to find the Meiziwo veinlet belt tungsten deposit in northern Guangdong (the straight line distance between the Piaotang Tungsten Mine in Dayu, Jiangxi Province and the Meiziwo Tungsten Mine in Shixing County, Guangdong Province was only 50 kilometers,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, and as early as before 1966, the two units had exchanged experiences), and the metallurgical geology of Guangdong Province changed the name of "five-layer belt division" to "five-layer building". Meiziwo Tungsten Mine is promoted as a classic mine of Guangdong's "five-storey building" model. Wu Yongle, the representative of the 909 team, read out the first paper at the "Gannan Tungsten Mine Geological Work Site Conference", which became the central paper of the whole conference. The representative of the 932 Metallurgical Geology Team of Guangdong Province only made an oral speech. The representative also made it clear at the meeting that it was inspired by the experience of the 909 Team that he found the Meiziwo Tungsten Mine in Shixing, Guangdong Province. In that year, Meng Xianmin, Yu Jianzhang, Sun Yunzhu, KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers ,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall, Xie Jiarong, Guo Wenkui, Xu Keqin, Wu Leibo and Ma Xingyuan, who are well-known in the geological circles of the whole country and even the world, came to attend the "Gannan Tungsten Mine Geological Work Site Conference". At this meeting, the "five-storey" model was formally confirmed by the geological community and formally formed. After the conference, the Ministry of Geology submitted five papers to the State Council under the general title of "Discovery of Muziyuan Concealed Tungsten Deposit", including "Experience in Revealing the Distribution Law of Mineral Resources by Using the Method of Structural System Analysis" and "Prediction of Muziyuan Concealed Granite", which were listed as one of the major scientific and technological achievements of the People's Republic of China in 1965. Fortunately, geologists in southern Jiangxi have successively discovered six similar small and medium-sized concealed and semi-concealed tungsten deposits in Dayu Jiulonao, Yudu Shangping, Dayu Shilei, Chongyi Gaocha and Xin'anzi areas by using the "five-storey building" model, and the prospecting results are amazing. After the reform and opening up, the state attaches great importance to academic theory, and there are two voices in the geological circles: Jiangxi Geological Bureau calls it "five-layer belt division", and Guangdong Metallurgical Geological 932 Team calls it "five-layer building". To this, Zhu Yanling talked about his own views: "To put it nicely, a son was named by his father and named by his mother.". To put it bluntly, it is to steal the rules summarized by others and give them another name. ” Nearly 50 years have passed, Zhu Yanling, who summarized and put forward the "division of five layers and zones", Wu Yongle, who read the paper at the "Gannan Tungsten Geological Work Site Conference", and Miao Shuping, Li Yidou, Li Chongyou and other geological predecessors who have made outstanding contributions to the search for tungsten deposits have all passed away. They have made great contributions to the cause of geology and mineral resources of the motherland and mankind, and the model prospecting theory they have created is like the sun and the moon shining together. So far, they have been guiding the new generation of geology to make breakthroughs in prospecting. Happily, after half a century, generations of geologists, on the basis of summing up the "five-storey" prospecting model of their predecessors and according to the new progress of deep prospecting in recent years, have expanded the "five-storey" model to "five-storey + basement". As a prospecting model,free shipping disposable coverall, "five-storey building + basement" is not only suitable for the southern Jiangxi-northern Guangdong area, but also for many quartz-vein-type tungsten deposits, tin-polymetallic deposits and other types of minerals and deposits throughout the country. This model is a great contribution made by Jiangxi geologists to the world geological community. 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