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  • Original Title: China's Brilliant Titanium Industry Achievements in 2020 In 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 had a serious impact on the world economy. The global economy, trade and investment suffered setbacks, and the economic growth of major economies such as the United States, the European Union, Japan and China was divided. In 2020, Boeing, Airbus and other international aviation companies with the largest demand for titanium materials were affected by the epidemic, and their orders were greatly reduced, resulting in a sharp drop in international demand for titanium. Taking Russia as an example, the annual output of titanium processing materials is only 26,000 tons, a decrease of 23.5% compared with the same period last year. However, China's titanium industry outshines others, with the output of titanium materials reaching nearly 100,000 tons, accounting for more than 50% of the global output of titanium materials. It is estimated that the output of global titanium processing materials will be close to 200,000 tons, a certain increase compared with the same period last year. Development of China's Titanium Industry in 2020 Titanium industry capacity expansion By the end of 2020, the production capacity of titanium sponge in China has increased by 12.0% compared with 2019, reaching 177,000 tons, which is mainly due to the continuous merger, reorganization and expansion of domestic large-scale titanium sponge production enterprises, which are optimistic about the growth of future demand. The top three titanium sponge manufacturers with the largest output in China have expanded their production capacity to varying degrees in 2020, especially Luoyang Shuangrui Wanji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.,titanium filler rod, which has increased its production capacity by 10000 tons. In 2020, the overall operating rate of titanium sponge industry in China will reach 70%. According to the statistics of 33 titanium ingot production enterprises, the production capacity of titanium ingots in China increased by 11.8% in 2020 compared with that in 2019, reaching 199000 tons. The output of titanium industry has increased substantially. Titanium concentrate: According to the statistics of Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium Industry Association, China produced a total of 6.33 million tons of titanium concentrate in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 32.7%. Among them, the output of Panxi region was 5.11 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 35.5%, accounting for 80.7% of the total domestic output; the imported titanium concentrate was 3.01 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15.3%. Titanium sponge: In 2020,titanium sheet grade 5, 12 enterprises in China produced a total of 122958 tons of titanium sponge, an increase of 44.9% over 2019, the sixth consecutive year of growth. Titanium ingots: According to the statistics of 33 enterprises, in 2020, China produced 119937 tons of titanium ingots, an increase of 35.2% over 2019, which has been increasing for six consecutive years. Titanium processing materials: According to the statistics of 32 major titanium production enterprises in China, in 2020, China produced 97029 tons of titanium processing materials, with a year-on-year increase of 28.9%, which has been growing for six consecutive years. In terms of titanium product structure, in 2020, the output of titanium and titanium alloy plates increased by 47.5% year on year, accounting for 59.2% of the total output of titanium materials in that year. Among them, the output of titanium strip and coil accounts for more than half, and the output of bar also increases by 16.9%, accounting for 16.0% of the annual output of titanium; the output of pipe decreases by 6.5%, accounting for 9.8% of the annual output of titanium; the production of forgings increases by 7.3%, which accounts for 5.8%; The output of titanium wire increased the most, 3d titanium wire ,6al4v titanium bar, reaching 55.0%, and the output of other titanium products also increased by 11.2%. In 2020, the total sales volume of titanium sponge in China was 122958 tons, the net export was negative 4175 tons, and the domestic sales volume was 127133 tons, a significant increase of 50.7% over the same period last year. Rapid Growth of Titanium Industry in China Reach the best level in history In 2020, driven by the demand of high-end industries such as aerospace, ship, marine engineering, chemical industry (CPA high-end equipment), ship and sports and leisure, the output of titanium sponge increased by 44.9% year-on-year, exceeding 100,000 tons for the first time; the output of titanium processing materials increased by 28.9% year-on-year, reaching the best level in history, and the output was close to 100,000 tons. The output of both sponge titanium and titanium materials has shown a rapid growth momentum for six consecutive years. The sales volume of the top ten domestic titanium manufacturers accounted for 79.9% of the total, which was slightly higher than that of the previous year, and the degree of industrial agglomeration was further improved. Expand the full text In 2020, although China's titanium industry was under certain pressure in foreign trade and domestic trade due to the sudden impact of the epidemic, under the strict control measures of the state, the national economy quickly bottomed out and rebounded, and China's titanium industry has made rapid progress in terms of output, capacity and economic benefits. The demand for titanium materials in high-end chemical industry, aerospace, marine engineering, shipbuilding, sports and leisure and other high-end fields showed an accelerated growth momentum, with an average growth rate of more than 20%. The demand in the medical industry has declined due to the impact of the epidemic. The low-end power and salt industries have also increased to a certain extent, but the growth rate is not large, and the overall profitability of the industry has been further enhanced. In 2020, driven by the demand of high-end industries represented by military industry, the volume and price of titanium industry in China rose simultaneously, showing a steady and rapid growth momentum for the sixth consecutive year. Among them, the price of titanium sponge (Grade 1) has risen by 47% since June 2020 after bottoming out and rebounding to the beginning of 2021. The price of titanium processing materials, especially aviation titanium alloy materials, has also risen synchronously. In terms of import and export trade, due to the impact of international epidemics, in 2020, the import volume of titanium sponge in China decreased by 33.8% (4723 tons), while the export volume decreased by 47.6% (548 tons); the import volume of titanium processing materials in China decreased by 24.4% (6139 tons), while the export volume decreased by 27.1% (15246 tons); In terms of imports, only titanium alloy wires and powders used in high-end fields such as aerospace have maintained steady growth, while imports of other varieties have declined, which also reflects that domestic titanium materials are still difficult to meet domestic demand in high-end fasteners and 3D printing, but are basically stable. At the same time, it also reflects that China's high-end titanium alloy sheets and plates still have a certain dependence on foreign countries; in terms of exports, the export volume of almost all varieties has decreased year-on-year, which also reflects that the international titanium market has been affected by the epidemic, and the demand for titanium materials has decreased by nearly 30%. To sum up, at present, China's high-end demand for aviation grade sponge titanium, titanium powder for 3D printing, titanium alloy rod and wire for aviation fasteners, wide and thick titanium alloy slabs for ships and other products still need to be imported because of the gap in batch stability with foreign countries, but through Baoti shares and Western superconducting enterprises. The quality of products has been continuously improved. In 2020, China's titanium enterprises withstood the adverse impact of the global epidemic and continued to move forward. Outstanding performance in the domestic large-scale titanium smelting, processing enterprises and secondary backbone enterprises, through years of technological innovation and market development, in all major areas have achieved gratifying market share and performance growth,titanium sheet grade 5, China's titanium industry in terms of capacity, output and net profit, have reached the best level in the past 10 years. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.