Full Automatic T500/T1000 Web Tension Controller

  • What is the full automatic web tension controller

    The automatic web tension controller is a high-precision, multi-functional, fully digital tension controller, which is combined with a tension sensor to form a closed-loop system. By receiving the signal transmitted by the tension sensor, after the internal PID calculation processing, the actuator is adjusted to automatically control the winding or unwinding tension of the materials. It performs high-precision tension control on the coils.

    The full-automatic web tension controller has a large control range, high precision, strong anti-industrial interference ability. It can be used in conjunction with tension sensors, magnetic powder brakes or clutches, electronic control converters, torque motors, and frequency converters. It is widely used for tension control in printing, packaging, textile printing and dyeing industries.

    T500/T1000 Web Tension Controller

    T500 web tension controller

    T500/T1000 web tension controller is manufactured by Arise Technology which is a professional and leading manufacturer & supplier of web guiding products and accessories including all-in-one web guide system machine, web guide controller, web guide controller, web guide sensor, tension controller, etc, in China with the latest advanced technology.

    T500 web tension controller adopts 16-bit high-precise AD sampling for l us sampling time. The sensor has high signal precision and high speed. It can drive a magnetic powder brake. The controller can be connected with single/double pressure sensors.

    T1000 is the first web tension controller to adopt a full touch screen. It adopts 32-bit high-precision AD sampling with 1us sampling time. The sensor provides a high precision signal with high speed and can be applied in conjunction with magnetic powder brakes, pneumatic brakes, electric motors, etc. It can be calculated automatically without a sensor.

    T1000 web tension controller

    Advantages Of T500/T1000 Web Tension Controller

    1.It adopts 16-bit or 32-bit high-speed CPU with a humanized design, easy operation.

    2. Using the PID algorithm without overshoot, the tension control is fast and stable.

    3. Receive single/dual sensor input signals, adapt to various tension sensors

    4. Dual 24V/4A output, which can directly drive two brakes/clutches.

    5. It can output 0-10V, 4-20mA drive inverter or servo motor.

    6. Easy installation and debugging with a simple tension calibration process.

    7.Metal shell with strong anti-interference capacity without sparks

    8. Parameter password protection to prevent misoperation.

    9. Highly stable tension measurement.

    Wiring Notices Of Automatic T500/T1000 Web Tension Controller

    1. Weak wires such as the input signal wire, switch input and output terminals, the output power supply should be kept away from strong wires like the instrument power wire and power supply wire to avoid signal interference.

    2. Kindly be noted that weak current terminals such as input signals, switch input and output terminals, and output power supply must not be connected to strong currents, otherwise, the entire controller will be burned.

    3. Connect the tension sensor signal according to the correct wiring diagram. If you need to connect two tension sensors, you must pay attention to the polarity of the signal not to be wrong, otherwise, the displayed measurement value will be inaccurate.

    4. If only a single tension sensor is connected, the input terminal which is not connected to the tension signal must be short-circuited.

    Web tension controller provides a high precision control with a simple adjustment. The full automatic T500/T1000 web tension controller can ensure continuous, accurate tension control of various coil materials in all kinds of production processes.