What You Should Learn About Bolts

  • KENENG can produce and manufacture various types of bolts, screws, and other fasteners. Not only is there a large stock of standard sizes, customized bolt according to specific drawings also is available.

    customized bolts

    Anchor bolts

    Anchor bolts are a general term for all post-anchoring components used to fix objects on concrete. The bolt head is usually placed in the concrete before it cures, or before the concrete is poured, leaving the threaded end exposed. The different anchoring mechanisms can be divided into expansion anchor bolts, reaming anchor bolts, bonding anchor bolts, concrete screws, shooting nails, etc.

    Expansion Anchor Bolts

    Expansion anchor bolts use the relative movement of the cone and the expansion sheet (or expansion sleeve) to promote the expansion of the expansion sheet, generate expansion and extrusion force with the hole wall concrete, and generate anchor bolt pullout strength through shear and friction to achieve anchoring of the connected parts.

    Reaming type anchor Bolts

    The reaming type anchor bolt is through the re-grooving and reaming of the concrete at the bottom of the borehole, and the mechanical interlock between the concrete bearing surface formed after reaming and the expansion head of the anchor bolt is used to realize the anchoring of the connected parts.

    Bonding Anchor Bolts

    Bonded anchor bolts use a special chemical adhesive (anchor glue) to glue and fix the shaft and the inner threaded pipe in the drilling hole of the concrete substrate. The anchoring of the connected parts is realized through the bonding and locking function of the adhesive and the shaft and the adhesive and the concrete hole wall.

    concrete screw

    The concrete screw is a hard and sharp knife-edge thread screw that is rolled and quenched by a special process. When installing, pre-drill a straight hole with a smaller diameter, then screw in the screw, and use the occlusal effect between the thread and the hole wall concrete to generate a pullout force to anchor the connected piece.

    shooting nails

    Shooting nails are a type of gunpowder-powered, high-hardness steel nails, including screws, that are shot into concrete. Using its high temperature (900 ℃), the steel nails and the concrete are integrated by chemical fusion and clamping to realize the anchoring of the connected parts.

    Arbor bolts

    Arbor bolts

    An arbor bolt is a bolt with a permanent connection washer and reverses thread. Used in miter saws or other tools, it automatically tightens during use to prevent the blade from falling off.

    Carriage bolts

    carriage bolts

    Carriage bolts are bolts with a smooth round head and a square section. Carriage bolts are divided into large round head carriage bolts (corresponding to standard GB/T14 and DIN603) and small round head carriage bolts (corresponding to standard GB/T12-85) according to the head size. The carriage bolt consists of a head and a screw (a cylinder with an external thread), which needs to be matched with a nut to fasten and connect two parts through holes.

    Hex Bolts

    Hex bolts have a hex head and a threaded body. The part directly under the head may or may not be threaded.

    J Bolt

    J-Bolts are shaped like the letter J and are used for tie-downs. Only the non-bent part is threaded to allow the nut to be attached.

    Lag Bolts

    Lag bolts are not true bolts, also known as lag screws.

    Rock bolt

    Rock bolts are used in mines and also in engineering technology to reinforce the main body of slopes, tunnels, and dams. As a tension member that goes deep into the stratum, one end of the bolt is connected to the engineering structure, and the other end goes deep into the stratum.


    The stud bolts have threads at both ends, and the screw in the middle is thick or thin. Generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, pendants, long-span steel structures, and large buildings.


    U-bolts are bolts shaped like the letter U with threads on both ends that can be combined with a nut. A straight metal plate with two bolt holes is used with nuts to secure pipes or other round objects to U-bolts.

    U bolts

    Shoulder bolt

    Shoulder bolts are bolts with broad, smooth shoulders and small threaded ends that are used to create pivots or attachment points.