How much does it cost to change flight on Turkish Airlines?

  • How much does it cost to change flights with Turkish Airlines?

    Turkish Airlines is a Turkish flag carrier that covers around 340 destinations worldwide. If you need to change the Air France flight ticket for some unforeseen reason, you can do it by paying a small change fee anytime. The cost to change Turkish Airlines flight ticket varies from $ 200 to $ 300 depending on route, fare type, etc. However, you can make the changes for free if the departure is 12 days away. You can change your Turkish Airlines ticket through online and offline options. Besides, check out the complete details below to avoid any concussion.

    Follow the steps below to change your flight date with Turkish Airlines. 

    • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines and then the plan and book section. 

    • From there, click on the Manage booking section and retrieve booking details. 

    • From the dashboard, select the booking you wish to change, click on the change reservation button 

    • Now select the new flight date as per availability and your requirement

    • Select the save button and confirm the changes 

    • On the payment page, you can pay for the change fee if applicable and then proceed.

    • Follow the instruction on the screen and complete the changes 

    • Make sure you get a confirmation email once the new booking details are confirmed

    So by following the procedure above, you can quickly complete the Turkish Airlines change flight date process online anytime. In addition, if you don't find it feasible enough, talk to the Turkish airlines representative directly to help you in this regard. Now let's proceed further and check Air France's changing flight terms and conditions to avoid any hassle and penalty. 

    Turkish Airlines flights change terms and conditions. 

    • You get 24 hours from the booking to change your flight free of cost if departure is 12 days away. However, the change fee applies depending on fare type and other factors if you fail to change the ticket within the risk-free period.

    • You can make the changes in your booking in the same way you used to book the ticket. For online booking, you can make changes online, and for offline booking, you can modify bookings offline.

    • If the new ticket is more expensive than the original one, you might need to pay the fare difference. Besides, Air France will credit the amount back to your account if the new ticket is cheaper.

    Turkish Airlines change fee;

    • You might need to pay the change fee of around $ 200 to $ 300 if you fail to modify the booking within a risk-free period. 

    • The change fee varies depending on the fare type, change time, route, and other factors.

    • If you make changes at the airport or via ticket offices, additional charges of around $ 20 are applied.

    Hopefully, you are not clear about how much it cost to change Turkish Airlines flight ticket. If you need additional information or have any doubts, speak to the support team at Air France directly.