MetaMask chrome extension- A comprehensive study of using it

  • The Web3 world came with a lot of possibilities and gave rays of hope to the users by providing endless crypto trading, staking, and borrowing features. One such Web3-compatible wallet is MetaMask Log In which is quite popular among traders for it lets them store and interact with different Ethereum blockchains. Not just that, consumers of this wallet would also be able to interact with the decentralized applications, isn't that great? But, do you know how to get started with using it?

    If your answer is no, please note that using this wallet can be done in two ways- One is by downloading the extension and the other one is by installing its mobile application. So, the details below would help you with the same. Speaking about using it through the extension, we shall put our focus on the MetaMask chrome extension and its usage.

    So, let's get right into it.

    Getting the MetaMask chrome extension added 

    For the purpose of adding it, there are two most-used methods: one is through the official website and the other one is through the "Chrome Web Store extension" section. But, here we'll take a look at the first method i.e. getting it through the official website:

    1. Make your way to the website
    2. Followed by this, select the option labeled "Download"
    3. Install MetaMask Chrome extension should be selected after that
    4. And then, click on the "Add to Chrome" and "Add extension" options, lastly

    Now, the extension would be available for use. To access it, simply click on the fox-face icon at the top-right of the Chrome taskbar.


    Another way through which you can start using the MetaMask Chrome extension is by opening the "Chrome Web Store extension" menu. Now, look for the "MetaMask" extension in it and then select the "Add to Chrome" button and follow some easy prompts.

    As soon as the extension is added, you need to complete a few more steps to set up your wallet and carefully create a backup of the seed phrase you are provided with.