How image portraits are made

  • Currently, there are a huge number of photo processing that allow you to make it a real work of art. One of these methods is the creation of a historical portrait. Thanks to the interesting design, you can present a picture with a photo as a gift.

    Varieties of portraits
    There are several types of portraits to order:

    Historical portraits - the photo will be processed to look like a portrait of a person who plays a big role in history. There are certain canons: this is a dark background that allows you to highlight a person. This is a spectacular, ceremonial costume or a magnificent, court dress. The whole atmosphere is full of decoration and wealth.
    Stylized portrait - the picture is created in a certain style, a person can play with the images. Bright epochs, such as the 18th century, the 19th century, are especially interesting.
    Family allows you to take a cozy and at the same time interesting family photo. Each member of the circle can be presented in an unusual form.
    A portrait as a gift will become unforgettable, each person will remember such an unusual and non-standard sign of attention.

    How image portraits are made
    Making a picture from a photo requires the use of professional tools. There is a special creation technology that allows you to achieve maximum quality. The whole procedure takes place in several stages:

    Image selection. Upload a photo to our website, try to choose high-resolution photos so that in the future, when printing on canvas, all the details are as clearly visible as possible.
    Tell us about your own preferences so that the designer can accurately create an atmosphere.
    Processing of the designer is carried out on special programs. This allows you to stylize the photo in the most natural way, so that no edges or outlines are visible. Everything should be soft and natural.
    Client approval and printing. If the customer is satisfied with everything, then the picture with the photo is sent for printing on canvas. With the help of special equipment, the paint is applied to the canvas. This technology allows you to create the most durable work of art.
    Packing and shipping. The whole process takes a small amount of time, however, it is necessary to take into account the time of dispatch and the chosen method of delivery.

    You should explore the services of professionals in this field on this site and I am sure that you will be able to find something interesting for yourself. I think that you will not regret your choice