Tips for Animal Crossing Festival

  • In this little season of this season, you can collect holiday DIY recipes to bring some holiday magic to your island. However, before making these items, you will need some red, blue and gold accessories. If your island is in the northern hemisphere, the festive season is also a great time to build a Snowboy or make some snowflake DIY recipes.

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    Animal Crossing: Holiday Season Dates in New Horizons
    How to find red, blue and gold accessories in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

    Animal Crossing: Holiday season dates in New Horizon

    Unlike the Snow Boy season and the appearance of Snow Boy in New Horizons, no matter which hemisphere your island is located in, the holiday season will appear at the Animal Crossing Bells same time. February 15th to January 6th is New Horizons festival. Throughout the holiday, you can collect many holiday DIY recipes, and then you can use decorations to make them.

    How to find red, blue and gold ornaments in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. In New Horizon, you can collect three different ornaments-red ornaments, blue ornaments and gold ornaments. All these decorations can be found by shaking the cedar decorated with lights. Not every cedar tree has lights, so make sure to choose the correct cedar before shaking. Acorns are the same as pine cones. You cannot guarantee that you will get decorations the first time you shake them, but if you continue to shake the tree, you will eventually get decorations. Just remember to check the wasps first, otherwise you may feel annoying.

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