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TPV Universal Mufflers

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    September 23, 2022 10:10 PM EDT

    Vibrant Performance TPV Universal Mufflers are race inspired and designed to withstand the extreme demands of today's high-performance vehicles. Our mufflers feature PREMIUM 304 Stainless Steel construction and are fully TIG welded for optimum durability and a superior quality finish. All TPV Mufflers feature our signature "True Straight Through" internals for unrestricted exhaust flow and maximum power gains. They are also densely packed with our superior multi-layer sound suppression materials to ensure a low, deep exhaust note.Get more news about Universal Muffler,you can vist our website!
    Universal mufflers give you the freedom to give your Honda your own exhaust design. A muffler is the rear part of an exhaust. These dampers are universally applicable.

    In contrast to the normal muffler, a universal muffler cannot simply be mounted. After the muffler is still a small piece of tube. You will have to weld an exhaust pipe and flange to this to mount it under your Honda.

    If you already have a manifold, cat replacement and middle pipe, you can complete your exhaust system with this muffler.Of course, this also offers you the option of mounting two universal mufflers. How would that be? Your rear bumper with two universal mufflers?
    The Tisco TP-AR86595 Tractor Muffler is the right part to get the job done right. The vertical tractor muffler features a flared inlet and a round body and works with various John Deere tractor models.

    Tractor muffler with a vertical exhaust
    2-1/4 in. exhaust OD
    27 in. overall length
    Flared inlet
    Vertical tractor muffler features a round body
    Designed for John Deere Tractors: 3020 diesel (s/n 123000 & up); 4000 & 4020 diesel (s/n 201000 & up); 4030, 4040, 4230 diesel