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The Hippocratic oath

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    August 28, 2022 11:01 PM EDT

    I took his hand back, crossed my fingers, turned my face away, and was still laughing. But at that time, I forgot that once I put on my white coat, I was a doctor, not just a little girl named Xie Yang. Besides, others don't know that Hao Shouning and I are lovers. What they see is the doctor holding hands with the patient, all the way ambiguous. No matter where, such a thing is worth exaggerating and gossiping. It was also after stumbling around in that mire that I understood what the professional image of a doctor was. Because there are many items to be examined, each of them requires a long or short queue, so it is nearly 5 o'clock when the last ultrasound examination is finished. Squeezing in the crowd can easily make people feel tired. I can't stand it. It can be seen that Hao Shouning still looks light and clear. Are you tired? I care, sneaking in a little curiosity. Not that bad He comforted me with a smile. His will and patience are obviously much stronger than mine. Hao Shouning is far more active and serious about life and life than I am. In him, I can always see the power that touches me. It is because he always allows me to get spiritual support from him without satisfaction, so now, although I am so confident and optimistic, in fact, I have no bottom in my heart. Xie Yang, you have to be strong quickly. I looked at the side of his face and told myself hard and hard. Be strong, so that he can rest for a while and rely on you for a while, instead of always working so hard to support himself. I clenched my fist secretly. Men are amazing In the corridor leading to the internal medicine building, you can see the sunset slanting on the horizon, divided by the branches of tall trees. There are birds jumping on the branches, sometimes jumping up and flying away with fluttering wings. The ground is coated with a slightly dull yellow, emitting the residual heat of summer. There are still a lot of people coming and going. Patients, doctors, and visitors with bouquets and fruit baskets. Walking in a hurry, everyone has his own direction. Hospitals never lack for popularity. I don't know where the smell of food came from, which aroused my stomach acid and began to secrete. Go to dinner? I grinned. "Go to the canteen." Always go out to eat with Hao Shouning, or enjoy his craft directly. I haven't stepped into the canteen for a long time. OK He reached out to touch my head and smiled warmly. No way I suddenly recalled that the food in the canteen was always salty and greasy. "Go out to eat, there seems to be a porridge city nearby." From now on, I am determined to be Hao Shouning's exclusive nutritionist and family doctor, and decided to go back at night to catch up on relevant theoretical knowledge. You decide. "But," he pointed to his hospital gown, "I have to go back and change first." I smiled treacherously, nodding and touching my chin. "I think you are more handsome and elegant in this suit." He laughed and made a gesture to pinch my cheek. No pinching! No pinching! I hurriedly dodged a few steps, jumped far away, hot tub wholesale ,endless pool swim spa, akimbo and puffed my cheeks, and protested firmly. Yang- " Suddenly I heard Zhao Chen's high-pitched call from the Dantian. I twitched the corners of my mouth, stopped playing with Hao Shouning, and looked around. What are you doing? Sure enough, Zhao Chen strode along. Are you off duty? I suddenly felt good when I saw his trademark smile. I was on duty yesterday! He glared at me. "I just woke up and was ready to go out for dinner." "Xiao Yang?" Hao Shouning did not know when to approach, gently hugged my shoulder, asked in a tone of voice, and smiled. Zhao Chen was my teacher in the emergency department. Did I mention that to you? I spread out my hands in the direction of Zhao Chen and added in the bottom of my heart: I am still the psychological consultant when we have an emotional crisis. Then introduced to Zhao Chen: "Hao Shouning, um." "You know, my boyfriend," he motioned with his eyes. Well, I'm a little shy. It's good for everyone to understand. Dr. Zhao. "Mr. Hao." They are polite and polite. I couldn't help laughing silently, and my heart twitched. Zhao Chen glanced at me and asked with concern, "Is Mr. Hao in hospital?" "Well, he's not feeling well." I answered vaguely. For Hao Shouning, Zhao Chen is a stranger, and he should not want people who are not familiar with him to know about his illness. We're going to dinner, too. Why don't we go together? Hao Shouning suddenly suggested. It's all right. "It seems that I haven't contacted Zhao Chen about revolutionary feelings for a long time, and I think this proposal is very good and worth carrying out, so I told Zhao Chen very rudely," You wait for us at the main gate for a while. " Completely ignore whether Zhao Chen will have an opinion. Of course, under normal circumstances, he would not have an opinion. That's all right He nodded at once. See? Hao Shouning proposed to go to the seafood restaurant for dinner. I insist on going to the porridge city. What is seafood? High protein food! He thought that his health was as good as it had been before, and that he could be unscrupulous? He pulled my hand tightly, ignored my livid face, and smiled at Zhao Chen: "Let's go." I do not understand his stubbornness, several want to get angry, if not for the presence of Zhao Chen, would have left. Zhao Chen did not understand the situation. Seeing that my eyes were full of angry flames, he kept looking at me and motioned with his eyes that he was full of wonder, but he still nodded politely and answered: "Good." The Seafood House is not far from the main entrance of the hospital. It takes about 5 minutes to walk there. But these five minutes are a living torment for me. Holding a bellyful of anger, and full of grievances, I do not understand why he is not willing to listen to me. But when he saw him talking with Zhao Chen with a smile, it turned into heartache. They chatted freely. The topics are basically as follows: "Where is high", "It's hard to be a doctor", "The stock market is not very good", and then the attitude of the two people changed from alienation at the beginning to feeling together that "it's not easy to make money these days". It's only five minutes away. Men are amazing. I asked for a small box. Hao Shouning invited Zhao Chen to order together and threw me in the box. What kind of world is this? I went from being angry to laughing and crying. They came back in harmony. Hao Shouning sat down on my right hand side, looked at me and said with a smile, "Xiao Yang's bad temper must have bothered you a lot." "Yes." Zhao Chen laughed, "it seems that you feel the same way." Hey,Chinese spa manufacturer, hey, you two, what do you mean? I gave everyone a dirty look.