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Concubine maniac (through female strong text)

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    August 28, 2022 11:01 PM EDT

    Without saying a word, he simply did it himself. Blood Chiba took a jade hairpin and compared it with it. It didn't match. He picked up a mahogany carved one, which had no effect. The last pearl step was thrown into the jewelry box by Blood Chiba. He had no choice but to pick up the previous jade hairpin. Alas, if only there were a gold hairpin, the young lady's fiery red dress would be very beautiful if matched with the golden step. Why don't I go and look for the jewelry left by the eldest lady? Maybe I can have it! "Stop!" Blood Chiba reacted very quickly to stop the enthusiastic Chunxi, what a joke, with a dead person's things, the original Lord may not care, but her blood Chiba most taboo things used by the dead, which is also the former life of her father to edify. The opponent is alive, the enemy is the target of the pursuit, but once people die, it is necessary to respect. No matter how much hatred there is with that person in life, the dead is the greatest, everything is written off, no longer mentioned, for the dead, can only be in awe, can not regenerate the idea of insult, the things of the dead can not be touched, unless there is something absolutely necessary. These rules in the blood brake door, blood Chiba played small to understand, but also experienced. Those things can't be touched casually, and her things will be sealed safely in the future. In my opinion, like this jade hairpin, I'll comb it myself! Blood Chiba's voice is very light, but let Chunxi obediently nodded heavily. Just as Chiba was combing his loose and charming hairstyle, the sound of cold wind came from outside the door. When Chunxi returned to the house, he had a fragrant wooden box in his hand, saying that it was given to the little lady by the castle owner, and that he wanted her to use it tonight. Oh, my God,whirlpool hot tub, miss, how beautiful! Chunxi exclaimed that outsiders would be confused about whether Chunxi was praising the beauty of the young lady or referring to something else. Looking at the fragrant wood box in the golden light, fine workmanship, can be called the best set of golden phoenix ornaments, blood Chiba not only know what Chunxi is exclaiming, even she herself is also a move, this cold is really rich ah! Her gorgeous red dress, with gold ornaments that is brilliant, since sent, can not be wasted, besides,hot tub manufacturers, this is according to the wishes of the castle owner. When Blood Chiba changed into gold ornaments and stood up again, Chunxi only knew how to open his mouth and could not speak for a long time. Watch Tianyue at home. When Tianyue gets up at night, I should be able to come back! Still speaking softly, Blood Chiba left the stunned Chunxi style out of the main house. When facing the cold wind, Blood Chiba smiled gently. She could see clearly the fluctuation in the eyes of the cold wind. Mo Yiyi is beautiful, now the grand makeup, unlike the birth of the goddess of heaven, it is also the world's best. I don't know what kind of face Lord Leng will have. Volume 1 Tyrant Chapter 6 Amazing (3) Chunxi, the only servant girl, was left to take care of the darling of Blood Chiba now. It was not that there were few servants in Lengjiapu, but that the original Moyiyi was not a host, and her status in the castle was only one point higher than that of a servant. Naturally, Chunxi was the only servant girl. This was the appetite of Blood Chiba. She was used to being unrestrained, and many people were more troublesome. The cold wind is in the front, and the blood Chiba walks lightly behind. Under the sunset glow, Lengjiapu is not only dazzling, but also more and more mysterious. Turn left and right, through two corridors, through the three month cave door, the bluestone road in front of us is relaxed, more regular, a grey tile roof, outdoor whirlpool tub ,endless swimming pool, bluestone construction, four eaves flying spirit beast house is close at hand. The big house has no outer wall and no gate. There is a green field in front of the house. Several giant potted plants are placed on the ground. The wide and flat bluestone road leads directly to the stone steps in front of the house. Under the stone steps, a unicorn animal is placed on each side to guard it. At this time, the door of the big house is wide open, and Leng Lie is already standing outside the door. At the foot of the steps, Xueqian stopped and looked up at the man high above. The body is majestic, the appearance is handsome, the head is wearing the hair inlaid jade purple gold crown, the sword eyebrow is black and thick like a paint brush, a pair of cold star eyes are looking at her with a smile, the chest is broad, is powerful ups and downs. Today, he actually wore a black and red embroidered flying bat, auspicious cloud pattern, butterfly pattern, flower robe, covered with the same color jacket, a black jade belt tied up the waist, looking particularly strong, what a tall man. Black red to her flirtatious red, coincidence? Intentional? Think of this, blood Chiba can not help but gently raise the corners of the mouth, that cynical smile appeared on the woman's face, bringing a fatal temptation. Blood Chiba does not observe, can be cold and strong to see clearly, can not help but heart ripples, she is really beautiful, beautiful hot, beautiful charming, beautiful can not be seen, more natural noble breath continuously revealed, this is the real her! Blood Chiba in Leng Lie's eyes, dressed in a red brocade suit, with a red and light outer cover. The gold and jade belt around the waist complements the whole dress, and ties up the slender willow waist of the beautiful woman, showing her exquisite and wonderful figure. The golden phoenix jade lock is hung on the waist, even when the sky is dark, the golden light suddenly appears, the body moves the lock to shake, the lock shakes the phoenix dance. Then look at the beauty such as jade Jiao Yan, thin makeup, making the original delicate and charming jade face in the red dress lining, more and more beautiful like peach blossom, more and more beautiful. The cold eyes tightened more and more, and the eyes focused more on the top of Chiba's hair. This hairstyle had never been seen before, but it was so beautiful that people could not move their eyes. A lotus knot was loosely gathered up, and a pair of golden phoenixes were shaking side by side in the hair. The scattered broken hair was not polished and cemented with osmanthus oil, but let it drift freely. It was this freedom, this elegance, that brought charm and agility. "That set of phoenix dance for nine days, she used well, used well, and did not let him down." I've seen enough! "I've seen enough!" Up and down the steps, the same outstanding men and women, said in unison, is really a tacit understanding. Cold strong corners of the mouth raised an evil smile, step by step steadily down the stone steps, came to the front of the blood Chiba. This man is so tall, blood Chiba sighed, now he can only reach his chest, so close distance, let her suddenly think of the beauty and the beast collocation, can not help laughing out loud, this metaphor is very appropriate. Do not want to, a pair of big hands, her little face, the man's dark eyes are burning at the smiling blood Chiba, "what,China spa factory, let my little lady so happy, it is better to say, let the husband also happy!" 。