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    August 28, 2022 11:01 PM EDT

    Only then did Li Changfeng realize that Uncle Xi was in big trouble this time. With his ability, it was impossible to convince the public. The accumulated grievances and abuses of the company all burst out, and finally evolved into an all-member strike. Wage arrears were just a fuse. After Zhang Yang knew the news, he rushed to the scene at the first time. Fortunately, the workers only went on strike and did not commit any violent acts. Most of the workers also knew Zhang Yang and knew that he was the general manager of the construction site of the new sports center. The workers shouted: "Zheng fu asked us to build a house. We worked hard to build the house, but now Zheng fu doesn't pay us." Can you also repudiate a debt? They don't care who contracts the main stadium project. If the salary doesn't come down, everyone will be anxious. If they are anxious, they will not be so polite. Zhang Yang said with a smile, "Please calm down. I came here today to help you solve the problem. Please believe me, believe in the government, and believe in our party. Our cadres are serving you. You are the real masters of the country. How can we owe you money?" Several workers laughed disdainfully. One of them said, "Director Zhang, don't say the opposite. We serve you. We are willing to serve you or the country. But you have to give us the wages we deserve. Since we worked in the new sports center, the wages have not come down on time, and we have reflected more than once." Reflect every time, what you promise is very good, can promise finished, you are in the past how, what appearance still is now, the likelihood you did not see our that salary in the eye,indoor endless pool, but we support a family to depend on that salary completely, how do we do? Hearing this, the mood of the workers began to stir again. Zhang Yang made an action of pressing down with both hands: "Please keep calm. I said that since I am here, I have to solve the problem for you. I am the commander-in-chief of the construction of the new sports center. This is also my responsibility. Please go back to work first. Give me one day. I promise that by this time tomorrow, I will pay you down." When the workers heard this, they hesitated. One of them shouted, "Don't listen to him. He has said this several times, but every time he is in arrears." "Yes,Whirlpool bathtub, we don't believe anymore." "Yes, let him pay his salary now." Zhang Yang said with a smile, "I said, all the workers, you can't wait for a day."? In this case, I don't care about this matter. I would like to remind you of one thing. The main stadium project of the new sports center is constructed by the New Century Construction Company of Nanxi City. There are wrongs and debts. You can ask the New Century for money. See the soft is not good, Zhang Daguanren must show some temper, he is not trying to target the workers, these construction workers are not easy, but if blindly concede, not only can not solve the problem, but will make the situation worse. As soon as Zhang Yang said this, the workers were stupefied. Someone said, "You are the commander-in-chief of the construction of the new sports center. Why do you ignore it?" Zhang Yang said: "I have said, outdoor spa manufacturers ,endless swim pool, 24 Xi, if you do not even give me this time, I have no way, I Zhang Yang said when not to count, I said this time tomorrow can come down, will be able to pay down." Although the workers made a lot of trouble, they did not have much backbone. The purpose of their trouble was to get back the wages in arrears, not really to create any difficulties. Hearing Zhang Yang's assurance, they discussed quietly. Most people's opinion was that the wages had been in arrears anyway, and they did not care about waiting one more day. It was not easy for Zhang Yang to persuade the workers to calm down. When the workers dispersed, Zhang Yang's face sank at Li Changfeng: "Come into the office with me." Li Changfeng knew that there was nothing good, but now he could only go in with him. Before Zhang Yang could ask for punishment, Li Changfeng began to complain: "Director Zhang, you know this. My uncle was called by the procuratorate for questioning. The company's financial power is in his hands. As long as he doesn't come back, I can't afford to pay these workers. It's not that I don't want to pay, but I really have no money in my hand.". ” Zhang Yang said, "I wonder. Your New Century Construction Company keeps talking about its strength all day long, but now you can't even take out the wages of the workers. Where is the so-called strength of 1ng in the past?" Li Changfeng said, "Director Zhang, the financial power is not in my hands. If I want to solve this problem, I must wait for my uncle to come back." Zhang Yang was so angry that he pointed at Li Changfeng's nose and scolded him: "What's the matter with you?"? Every time you have an accident, the quality of the project does not see how you do, but the trouble is endless, workers work, pay according to work, this is a matter of course, how to come to you here so many m disease? I have long said that if you don't have a diamond, don't take porcelain work. You can see what you 1ng are doing. Li Changfeng said, "It's not entirely our fault. The procuratorate has given my uncle 1ng to go in. The company is now without a lot of people. It would be strange if it wasn't 1ng." Zhang Yang said angrily, "Is it reasonable for your uncle Xi to be sent in by 1ng?"? If you enter the procuratorate, you don't need to be responsible for the workers? Li Changfeng said: "Anyway, now he does not sign, I do not have a penny, not to mention the wages of workers I can not solve, even the main stadium project I can not maintain." Zhang Yang said: "All right, you break the pot with me, don't you? Li Changfeng, my consistent principle is that it is better to lack than to rot. Don't threaten me with a shutdown. If you don't have the ability to do it, get out of here quickly. You can't delay the overall process of our new sports center because of your unit." Li Changfeng said angrily, "You have been targeting me all the time." Do you deserve it? I've always been right about things, not people. If you want me to have a good face for you, you should do a good job for me first. Can you solve the problem of workers' wages? Li Changfeng doesn't speak. Zhang Yang said, "Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn it. Some things seem to be good, but if you don't have the ability to do it well,endless pool factory, it will turn into a bad thing. You should think about it carefully. If today's thing is big, what impact will it have in the city?"? Your uncle is still under investigation in the procuratorate, and this kind of thing happened at the construction site. What kind of impact do you think it will bring to you and your family? 。